Valorant’s new Patch adds Fade and Nerfs Jett’s!


Fade, the newest character to join Valorant in patch 4.08, was announced by Riot Games earlier this week. The patch details for this most recent update, which nerfs Jett’s dash ability as disclosed last week, have now been been made available by Riot. However, this update includes adjustments for more than just Jett.
Neon’s quality of life has improved; as of right now, she obtains 100% more battery energy after killing an adversary than she did before, up from 25%. Neon has “experienced some friction while using movement to lead into combat,” according to Riot, who highlighted this in the patch notes. As a result, they have implemented modifications like removing the velocity restriction. Neon has “had some friction when using mobility to lead into combat,” according to Riot, so they lifted the velocity restriction and added the ability for her to slide forward and sideways with the sole prerequisite being that she is moving.

Valorant’s new Patch adds Fade and Nerfs Jett’s!

Jett has consistently been one of Valorant’s top agents, but the most recent game patch is somewhat dampening her enthusiasm. The sacrificial patch 4.08 strengthens Neon, nerfs the dualist Agent, and introduces Agent Fade to the fray. On Wednesday, the patch was made available, just in time for the game’s new Act. The modification to Jett’s Tailwind ability is unquestionably the patch’s most notable enhancement. Her ability to quickly move from one location to another was enabled by the prior version, but the new version will require considerable planning. Following the patch, Jett must first activate Tailwind, which involves a little delay, and then use the power within a 12-second timeframe.

Players of the Jett must now prepare their dashes before using them, as they are no longer able to respond instantly. The addition of the new Agent Fade, who employs shadows to assist her detect her enemies, is the patch’s second significant update. With a smaller window to activate his Owl Drone power and less damage from his Shock Darts, Sova also received some nerfs. Neon, meanwhile, received a few upgrades that made it safer for teammates to enter and exit her walls and smooth out her glide. And there have been numerous adjustments to Sova as well. The amount of space that the Owl Drone essentially guaranteed needed to be addressed, and more counterplay chances for opponents, according to Riot, for this update.

Valorant’s new Patch adds Fade and Nerfs Jett’s!

In terms of gameplay, the drone’s duration has been lowered from 10 seconds to seven seconds. Its health has dropped from 125 to 100 points. The initial latency before the first ping has increased from 1.2 seconds to 1.6 seconds as a result of the dart reveal, which has decreased the number of pings from three to two. For various 5-stack setups, there is a reduced rank rating gain and loss penalty during competitive upgrades. For instance, if all members of a player’s party are Iron-Diamond 2, there is no lowered rank rating penalty as long as you are within normal grouping, but if one of you is outside of normal grouping, there is a 25% penalty for all players. Additionally, as part of this patch, bugs like Yoru’s teleportation out of bounds when using Gatecrash have been corrected.

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