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Who will forget the wolf pack? Teen Wolf has created a sensation since the series was 1st ventilated in 2011. The MTV series, a boot of the 1985 picture show prima archangel J. Fox, followed a teenage cluster of werewolves, hunters, and highschool students who were the main focus of the show’ . The show is known for being control for 6 years till the tip of 2017. Teen Wolf includes  Tyler Posey as Scott McCall, Dylan O’Brien as Stiles Stilinsky, Holland Roden as Lydia Martin, Crystal Reed as Allison Argent, Tyler Hoechlin and Colton as Derek Hale.

Teen Wolf is a supernatural drama series that follows the story of Scott McCall, a high school student and exile bitten by a werewolf. He hides his secrets and strives to lead a normal life while facing a supernatural threat that affects the city of Beacon Hills. He is helped by his best friends Stiles Stilinski and the mysterious werewolf Derek Hale.

Let’s read more about the characters:

• Scott McCall is the leader of his Pack and a True Alpha werewolf, which means he did not kill another werewolf to get this status. Scott receives a werewolf bite from Peter Hale. He begins dating Allison Argent, a fresh student who he later learns is descended from a family of werewolf hunters. Scott works part-time as Alan Deaton’s assistant at Beacon Hills Animal Clinic, where he also lives with his mother Melissa McCall. Deaton is a father figure to Scott. Scott has a positive outlook, is amicable, kind, caring, and protective. He upholds high moral standards. Over the course of the series, he trades in his shyness and gullibility for a strong feeling of responsibility as a rising leader in the paranormal community. Scott views becoming a werewolf as a curse and longs to find relief. Scott and Allison confirm their commitment when Allison learns that he is a werewolf and that his falsehoods were intended to keep her safe.

• As a member of Scott’s Pack and a direct ancestor of Marie-Jeanne Valet, Allison Argent is Scott McCall’s first love. She comes from a long line of werewolf hunters and is a member of the Argent family. Allison is Lydia’s best friend and later becomes Isaac Laheys Lahey’s girlfriend. Allison is naturally sweet, charming, and has a rebellious streak. Throughout the series, Allison falls deeply in love with Scott. She has a natural talent for archery and is an accomplished gymnast. As a werewolf hunter, Allison displays skills in hand-to-hand combat, vehicle wiring, first aid, werewolf hunting, and weapons such as Chinese daggers, as well as her archery skills.

• Stiles Stilinski (officially Mieczysław “Stiles” Stilinski) is Scott’s best friend, he and Scott consider each other both brothers and members of their pack. Stiles is very sarcastic but has a very quick wit, is smart and intelligent, is somewhat impractical. His intelligence shows early on when he realizes that Scott is turning into a werewolf and is helping his best friend adjust to his new life. Stiles is Scott’s sidekick and confidante, and helps the young werewolf deal with the   crimes and supernatural events that are plaguing the town. The show alludes to her Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder by referencing her Adderall use, which leads to her fidgety mannerisms and frequent flailing. Stiles often brings comic relief to the  dramatic events surrounding him and Scott. Stiles’ enthusiasm and caring nature has put him in constant danger, but he continues to help, support, and protect his supernatural friends.   Stiles shares a close and loving relationship with his father, Sheriff Stilinski, in part due to the death of his mother, Claudia. Stiles is  very emotional and uncertain about her death because he was at her death. Stiles was 10  at the time and later suffered from panic attacks.Stiles blames himself for her death and secretly fears  his father blames him as well.

• Derek Hale is a born werewolf. Derek lived in Beacon Hills with his family, a pack of  werewolves and humans, and his mother, Talia Hale, was the alpha werewolf. When he was 15, Derek fell in love with a girl named Paige. Her Uncle Peter came up with the idea of ​​turning her into a werewolf so they could be together long term. Ennis, an alpha werewolf, took the bite, although it’s unclear if Peter asked him to or if he acted himself.Derek, hearing Paige’s screams, was too  late to save her and saw  Paige fight off the bite. Derek tried to take Paige’s pain away from her, but it was too intense and she begged him to end her suffering. Mercy killing caused her werewolf eyes to turn from yellow to blue. Derek didn’t know that she was a werewolf slayer and was only using him to get information about the Hales.Kate burned down the Hale House, killing most of Derek’s family and leaving Peter in a coma in. Derek and his older sister Laura left Beacon Hills for New York shortly thereafter. Because of his tragic experiences, Derek became angry, grumpy, misanthropic, cynical, defensive, and suspicious.

• Lydia Martin is Beacon Hills High’s most popular student,  member of Scott Puck, a former love concern of  Jackson Whitmore and werewolves Aiden, and a close friend of Allison Argent. Lydia initially looks like a typical, spoiled, materialistic high school queen bee. In fact, she is amazingly caring for her friends and she makes friends with Allison on the first day of school. Lydia is also very intelligent and her GPA is over 5.0. Her boyfriend is Jackson Whitmore, but because he’s the captain of the school’s lacrosse team, she first reveals that she’s only dating him, but Lydia is actually in love with Jackson at first. Stiles frustrates Lydia but she doesn’t make a round trip. Lydia is bitten by Alpha’s Peter Hale, which begins to provoke her supernatural powers.

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