The Walking Dead is Over But it’s Not The End!


On October 31, 2010, the first episode of The Walking Dead aired, and viewers were right away engaged. The Walking Dead has returned for its 11th season, but it will also be its final one, so you can expect it to go out with a bang. There are three sections to this final season. Here’s a recap video from season 1-10.

Fans are anxiously awaiting the third and final part of the final season after the first two parts were previously made available last year in August 2021 and February 20, 2022 respectively. 

For more than a decade, fans of comic books and television have seen episodes of The Walking Dead on a regular basis. One of the most popular ongoing comic novels of our time was given life on the AMC smash hit, which also brought back the zombie genre to television.

The AMC announced on Twitter that the zombie series is finally done with the filming of the remaining episodes of its 11th and final season.

The Walking Dead is over but it’s not the end!

Spin-offs and more!

However, the TWD universe is still very much alive and well. In April 2022, the seventh season’s midseason premiere of Fear the Walking Dead will air. An eighth season has been ordered.

Another spin-off, titled Tales of the Walking Dead, is scheduled to debut in the summer of 2022. An anthology series that could expand the TWD realm is this one. This show will provide episodic tales centered on any character, new or old, and set in any timeframe in the universe. The hope is that they will make the most of this intriguing notion for a series and provide us with some excellent material.

The Walking Dead is over but it’s not the end!

Isle of the Dead, another miniseries from AMC, was a somewhat unexpected announcement. The post-apocalyptic Manhattan that Kirkman’s comic book never sought to depict will be the setting for the new series. Isle of the Dead, which will include six episodes, will debut in 2023.

Additionally, there are rumours of a Rick Grimes movie series, which has been in development ever since Andrew Lincoln’s character left The Walking Dead on November 4, 2018. But incredibly little fresh information has emerged since then on the initiative. According to reports, the first movie was supposed to begin filming in early 2021, but it didn’t, most likely because of the coronavirus epidemic.

With so much in line, the TWD universe is far from being over for all and that’s what keeps the fandom going. 

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