Net Worth Of TenZ, A Legend In E-Sports


E-sports are organized multiplayer video competition games. The industry has a wide scope to offer with its ever growing fan-base and players who compete professionally in various tournaments which are being conducted. According to statistics, around 380 million people watch e-sports around the world. Players in his industry have a lot of options to showcase their talents, they can either stream themselves playing the games on various streaming platforms or they can join various professional teams. There are many players that have showed spectacular performance in this field, among them one such legendary player is TenZ.

Who Is TenZ?


Tyson Ngo, famously known as “TenZ” is a Vietnamese- Canadian e-sports player for Sentinels Valorant. He was born on May 05, 2001. TenZ is considered as one of the most gifted players to have ever played the game. At the age of 21, his journey in e-sports has quite a lot to offer. From the start of his career in e-sports to till now, he has played in two teams, while briefly considering retirement from competitions in between. Before joining Sentinels Valorant, TenZ played for Cloud9, which he quit because of various issues with his teammates.

Career So Far

TenZ  at the age of 15, participated in his very first e-sports tournament. He previously used to compete for CSGO, which in quit in 2019. Since then he has participated in Valorant tournaments, previously under Cloud9 and now under Sentinels team.

TenZ Net Worth

TenZ’s keen knowledge and attention to detail during the game has made him one of the finest players that the world has ever seen in the field of e-sports. He is one of the most viewed creators on YouTube and has a whopping amount of subscribers which is around 1.47 million. To acquire TenZ, Sentinels paid a hefty amount of around $1.25 million. According to previous earnings of TenZ through tournaments and streaming, his net worth is estimated to be around $164,000. The exact figures still remains unverified. These estimated figures show just a rough idea of his net worth. TenZ’s net worth could be a lot more than the figures estimated above, because we still haven’t considered his income sources from sponsorship contracts or other sources of income outside e-sports. He is one of the highest paid players in the e-sports industry.

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