Need To Refund Valorant Weapon Skins: Know How?


Valorant is a free to play hero shooter game developed and published by Riot Games, for Microsoft Windows. The game was fully released on June 02, 2020.Valorant has become active within e-sports too.

A Sneak Peek Into Weapon Skins

Thrilling experience combined with visually attractive items can be an eye feast for players. Weapon skins in Valorant are just your pie. Weapon Skins are cosmetic items in Valorant. They are also equipped with personalized sound effects for different weapon skins. They can modify the appearance of the weapon and can give the players more enhanced and a thrilling experience.

Need To Refund Valorant Weapon Skins: Know How?

There are many ways to obtain Weapon skins in Valorant:

  • In-Store Shop: The easiest way to obtain weapon skins is to spend real cash in the in-game store. This might be expensive but least time consuming method to obtain desired weapon skins.
  • Complete Agent Contracts: These free customizations are a bit time taking, but surely a great way to obtain weapon skins.
  • Complete Tiers In A Battle Pass: By working your through tiers in a battle pass can earn you some weapon skins.

Guide To Refund Weapon Skins

Need To Refund Valorant Weapon Skins: Know How?

Players can refund weapon skins very easily. Below is a detailed guide in seven simple steps that can help players to follow along to get their refund, if applicable:

Step 1 – Go to Riot Games Support site.

Step 2 – Click on Valorant section.

Step 3 – Find the skin that you need to refund.

Step 4 – Read the pointers on the items that are refundable or non- refundable.

  • Before starting to know about the refund process of weapon skins, players need to know some pointers on which refund is not provided on items which were purchased in Valorant.
  • Some of the non refundable items are:
  • Used Weapon Skins
  • Upgraded Weapon Skins
  • Used In-game content
  • Character Contract Levels
  • Weapon Skin Levels
  • Weapon Skin Bundles
  • Premium Battle Passes
  • Premium Battle Pass levels
  • Radianite Points
  • You can only get a refund on unused, base level weapon skins purchased within the last 14 days.

Step 5 – Scroll down to the end of the page, you will find a log in option under Purchase History

Step 6 – After logging in, click on Get My Order History option, under Purchase History.

Step 7 – Click on the Refund icon on the skin which you want to refund. If the item is refundable, then proceed with the refund and voila the process is complete.

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