Let us escort you to the every ball bearing location- The Elden Ring Guide


The Elden Ring wants you to stop hitting yourself!!! Because in this article, we bring you some ease by guiding you on how to use these items, and show you map locations for each of the bell bearing items in the game along with the merchant items that they are associated with.

But first, let’s learn about the game-

Introduction to the Elden Ring:-

Elden Ring is a 2022 action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It was directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki and made in collaboration with the fantasy novelist George R. R. Martin who provided material for the setting. It was released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on February 25. In quite a very few time, it has become widely accepted and popular among kids and youth.

Elden Ring’s bell bearings are items dropped by NPCs or (mini)bosses while a few are found in the chests that allows users move a vendor’s wares to another location.

A guide every ball bearing location-


There are eight bell bearings to find in Limgrave. They are:
• Bernhal’s bell bearing.-Bernhal is the soldier who hangs out at the Warmaster’s Shack in the northern part of West Limgrave. One can kill him for his bell bearing, but he’s involved with late-game quests, so it might be best to leave him alone for now.
 Bone Peddler’s bell bearing. Once you visit the Warmaster’s Shack in northern West Limgrave at night, you’ll be invaded by a Bell Bearing Hunter.One needs to defeat them to claim this bell bearing
• Gostoc’s bell bearing- Gostoc is the NPC who offers to open the main gate of Stormveil Castle and then moves through the castle with you until you defeat Godrick, at which point he’ll stay at the Godrick the Grafted site of grace venting his frustrations. Kill him (at any point) to collect his bell bearing.
• Kale’s bell bearing. Kale is the merchant you meet at the Church of Elleh. You’ll need to speak with him as part of Blaidds quest, so don’t go killing him for his bell bearing right away.

 Patches’ bell bearing. You’ll find Patches inside Murkwater Cave in West Limgrave. Patches will travel around (with more than a couple betrayals involved) until he ends up in Volcano Manor<span;> late in the game. If you choose to kill him in Murkwater Cave instead of sparing him, you’ll grab his bell bearing.

There are three bell bearings to find in Weeping Peninsula. They are-

Sellen’s bell bearing •Nomadic Merchant’s Bell Bearing and •Isolated merchant’s bell bearing 


There are 11 bell bearings t o find in  Liurnia. They are:
Blackguard’s bell bearing
Iji’s bell bearing
Meat Peddler’s bell bearing
Miriel’s bell bearing
Pidia’s bell bearing
Seluvis’s bell bearing
Smithing-Stone Miner’s bell bearing 
Thops’s bell bearing and Nomadic Merchant’s bell bearings [5] and [6]  and isolated Merchant’s bell bearing [2]

There are six bell bearings to find in Altus Plateau and  Leyndell, Royal Capital. They are:
Corhyn’s bell bearing
 Medicine Peddler’s bell bearing
Smithing-Stone Miner’s bell bearing  Somberstone Miner’s bell bearing  
Nomadic Merchant’s bell bearing
Hermit Merchant’s bell bearing

Likewise there are many other levels in the game with many more bell bearings. Every merchant you meet — the Nomadic MerchantsIsolated Merchants, and Abandoned Merchants— all across the Lands Between will drop a bell bearing when you kill them.

Collecting these is a good way to move all of their goods to one location, turning the Twin Maiden Husks into a one-stop shop.

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