Everything you need to know about our flag means Death Season 2!


Like any other genre of different shows, we as audience praise the series/shows/movies/drama that shows a particular period or has some connections with the history. Be it a fiction or a reality, be it a person, group of person or an event, be it a gang of piratea or about any kingdom, viewers tend to learn and appericiate dramas set in historic era. Today we come across one such show that will soon be coming up with a second season after success of the first season. If you’ve guessed it already, today we’ll be informing about anything and everything you need to know about our flag means death season 2. The cast, release date and many more relevant information. So pack your bags to make another travel to the history.

All you have know about Our flag means death-

For those who don’t know,  “Our flag means death” is an American period romantic comedy television series created by David Jenkins. Set in the early 18th century during the Golden Age of Piracy,  the series follows the misadventures of gentleman-turned-pirate Stede Bonnet (Rhys Darby) and his crew aboard the Revenge as they try to make a name for themselves as pirates and cross paths with famed pirate captain Blackbeard (Taika Waititi) and his right-hand-man  Izzy Hands(Con O’Neill).

Our Flag Means Death was released on HBO Max from March 3 to 24, 2022. It received generally positive reviews, including praise for its LGBTQ+ representation, and was renewed for a second season in June 2022.

The relevations of  the second season!

While there is still no official announcement date for the return of the second season, the makers and crew of the television series might have a dropped a little hint of the show’s new location shoot. This comes after the outpouring amount of love the show has been constantly receiving from the audience and increasing popularity among other HBO Max contents.


While Season 1 worked perfectly with an LA setting, shooting in New Zealand will allow Season 2 of Our Flag Means Death to look even better, as revealed by Taika Waititi.

What is the vision for season 2’s plot?

Jenkins has said in interviews that nothing is written for any future seasons, but that he and the writers know what direction they want to take it to. As Jenkins told Polygon this year, it was the last three episodes in particular that he thought were “really working” for what he has in mind for the show.

What will happen to Stede and Ed in season 2?

Having broken up (in a way) at the end of season 1, the first season ends with Stede returning to pirate life having found peace with who he is.

Unfortunately he’ll have his work cut out for him, since Ed went completely the other way following their breakup. His final actions in the season 1 finale involve returning to the Blackbeard he once was, and hardening himself against the world: He cuts off Izzy’s toes and feeds them to him, maroons members of Stede’s crew he doesn’t have use for, and even lashes out violently at those he does.

Jenkins remains very much committed to thinking of Our Flag Means Death as a love story between Ed and Stede. But that might not mean their issues get resolved completely in season 2; he’s thinking a bit more long-term.


Our Flag Means Death is executive produced by Waititi, creator David Jenkins, producer Garrett Basch, and Dan Halsted. The series’ cast also includes Nathan FoadSamson Kayo, Vico Ortiz, Ewen Bremner, Joel Fry, Matt Maher, Kristian Nairn, Con O’Neill, David Fane, Rory Kinnear, Samba Schutte, Nat Faxon, Fred Armisen, and Leslie Jones. While HBO Max still hasn’t confirmed that all of the supporting cast members are set to return, we already know that Guz Khan might not be a part of the second season. During the first season, Khan played one of Blackbeard’s crewmates, Ivan.

This all we know about Our flag means death season 2 as of now! For more information and latest updates visit Gizmotable!

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