Can Eleven be Stronger that Vecna ?


In Stranger Things 4, volume 2, the stage is set for a confrontation between Eleven and Vecna. In this grudge match, the latter will try to exact revenge for his loss against her, which sent him to the Upside Down for seven years. Even though Eleven defeated Henry Creel, there’s a good chance she isn’t Vecna’s equal in strength—at least not yet. Due to his time spent in the Upside Down, Vecna’s capabilities appear to be much more developed than Eleven’s; this gave him a strong connection to the place, and his skills allow him to control people’s minds and imprison them inside his own head. in Stranger Things season 4, volume 2.Vecna’s abilities are comparable to those of Eleven in some ways, but they are much more sophisticated. She can prey on people’s fear, grief, and trauma without ever having to approach them personally. That will probably be covered

Under her powers back, Eleven will probably train more and work on them more than ever before, with Brenner and Dr. Owens’ direction. In contrast to how her telekinetic strength and capacity to open and control portals enabled her to overcome Number One, Eleven must learn to fully utilise her talents if she is to succeed in destroying Vecna.

Can eleven be stronger that vecna ?
This time, it won’t be enough because Vecna has already trapped Hawkins’ teenagers in the red smoke region, which stands in for his own mind, and he is already connected to the Upside Down. El’s Void, then, might present a scenario for how this conflict would develop, effectively turning it into a conflict of ideas more than anything else. Even more than her dread and hatred, Eleven’s struggle for so many others—including those she cares deeply about—as well as for Hawkins and even the planet as a whole can drive her powers to soar to new heights and even endanger Vecna for good.
Elevan exhibits a variety of skills in Stranger Things, and Season 4 gives her abilities new twists, but how powerful is she really?
One of the most strong characters in Stranger Things is Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), but how powerful is she really?
Eleven’s abilities have always played a major role in Stranger Things, whether directly or indirectly. As Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) notes in Season 4 of Stranger Things, when fighting Vecna, they can usually rely on their powers to save her. There was evidence that Eleven’s time at Hawkins Lab is being experimented with. Although towards the end of Stranger Things 4, it is clearly set up to occur once more, that wasn’t the case for the most of the episode.
Although Eleven has always been strong, she has not yet reached her full potential due to the circumstances surrounding her gifts and the ways and times she has had to use them. Eleven might become more powerful than ever if Stranger Things 4 explores more of her skills and how to wield them. This is fantastic news for her Hawkins friends and, ideally, a bad omen for Vecna.

Can eleven be stronger that vecna ?

He demonstrates this ability early on in the series, flipping a truck in Stranger Things season 1, and has used it in conflicts with the Demogorgon, Demodogs, and the Mind Flayer to either attack them and cause harm or death or to defend people from their attacks (and often against both). When he tries to use them on Angela, the new school bully in Stranger Things, Season 4 makes sure that losing the powers is really highlighted (Elodie Grace Orkin). Eleven also has the ability to levitate objects and specifically change ostensibly physical stuff, which is similar to these telekinetic abilities (such as destroying a Demodog). Even though these powers are related to Eleven’s mind, she typically uses her hand to focus on them, channel them, and give viewers an example. Many of Eleven’s other primary abilities are intertwined with her ESP and telepathy, including the capacity to enter the Void, or her own mind, which enables her to locate and communicate with others, occasionally over great distances, and the capacity to discover details about people by touching objects that are connected to them. She occasionally has access to other people’s memories as well. As demonstrated in the Stranger Things Season 1 finale, Eleven is also capable of building doorways to the Upside Down.

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