Apex Legends: A Quick Guide To Acquire Crafting Metals!


Apex Legends, developed by Respawn Entertainment is a free to play hero shooter game, takes place in the aftermath of Frontier War, which is the main theme of Titanfall and Titanfall 2, also developed by Respawn Entertainment. Apex legends offer players to choose legends from its diverse collection. Offensive, defensive, recon and support are the four categories of legends supported by the game. Each legend in the game has its unique perks, abilities and skill sets to offer to the players. The game has many features to offer, one of which is crafting metal, which allows the players to customize the games and make it more interactive.

There are three types of currency used in Apex Legends namely, Legend tokens, Apex coins and Crafting metal. Legend tokens are used to unlock new playable characters, while we can buy things from in store shop with the help of Apex coins. Crafting metal on the other hand is used to unlock cosmetic items.

Ways To Obtain Crafting Metals

Crafting Metals are used to unlock cosmetic items which can make the players gaming experience more interactive and customized. Crafting Metals in Apex Legends can be acquired through the following four ways:

  • Apex Packs – Crafting metal can be obtained by opening Apex Packs. Obtaining Apex Packs can be a long and vigorous process for players, as they are awarded to players on leveling up in the game, the more the players level up, the more Apex Packs they will be offered. The other way to obtain Apex Packs is to purchase them through Apex coins, in the in-store shop; where there is a dedicated page to purchase the Apex Packs in the item store. This process is by far the fastest and expensive way to get more Crafting metals as it will require the players to spend real cash.
  • Complete Battle Pass – Battle Pass is a system that offers players rewards for playing and completing quests during a predetermined period of time. Rewards are awarded to the players after the completion of quests. These may include legend and weapon skin, banner frames, badges, and Crafting Metals, which can be used to craft cosmetic items.
  • Treasure Pack – A number of treasure Packs have Crafting Metals in them. Collecting all treasure packs can help you to obtain over a hundred Crafting Metals. Paying attention to treasure packs can also be a helpful way for players to acquire Crafting Metals.

Complete Free Event Track – By completing free event tracks that arrive during the seasons can also be one of the ways to acquire Crafting Metals. You can earn up to 70+ Crafting Metals by simply completing the weekly challenges.


At the very least, players need to spend a decent amount of time to upgrade their skills and collect Crafting Metals to unlock cosmetic items which can upgrade their legends skills and weapons which in turn can offer players an exhilarating gaming experience.For more updates and the latest information visit Gizmotable.

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