Knockout City, a new multiplayer dodgeball game from EA, now offers a free demo.


Knockout City, the newest iteration of EA’s popular online dodgeball game, is now completely free to play and does not need any kind of payment to join. It was announced by Velan Studios, the company that developed the multiplayer dodgeball game, that anyone who was unable to take advantage of the limited-time offer (which came to an end on May 30), will now have another opportunity to test it out. The offer was limited to a certain number of people, and it ended on May 30.

Players of EA’s Knockout City, which was released on May 21 and costs $19.99 to buy, have the option to test out the game for free for a period of ten days before deciding whether or not they want to buy it. During this time, players can make a decision about whether or not they want to keep playing the game (Roughly 1,500 Indian Rupees). As of this coming week, players will have the ability to participate in combat at free cost up to the time at which they have achieved Street Rank 25. As a result of the level limit, players won’t have to spend a considerable amount of money just to acquire a feel for Knockout City since they won’t be required to go very far in levels.

How to play with friends, maps, and dodgeballs in Knockout City:


You may play Knockout City on a number of platforms, including personal computers (PCs), PlayStation 5 (PS5), PlayStation 4 (Xbox One), Xbox One (Xbox One S), Nintendo Switch, Xbox One (Series X), and Xbox One (Series S). In addition to that, you can get it by subscribing to either EA Play or Xbox Game Ultimate, both of which include it in their respective packages. You and your friends can play a game together even if you don’t all have the same gaming platform thanks to a feature known as cross-platform multiplayer. Both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S, which are both considered to be next-generation gaming consoles, provide an improved version of the game that is compatible with older gaming platforms.

If you want to play the game with other people, you will need to purchase the game and log in using an EA Origin ID that has been registered with the company. Keep an eye out for a one-of-a-kind identification that is supplied to you automatically after you have downloaded the game to the platform of your choice and started it. You may find this identifier in the upper right-hand corner of the game’s main window. It is possible to find the Friends tab in Knockout City by searching for it and then entering the one-of-a-kind ID of a friend who is playing the game with you. After that, you will have the opportunity to either form a brand-new group or become a member of an existing group that is currently active. Knockout City gives its guests access to a total of six different kinds of balls, including Cage Balls and Sniper Balls, to utilize throughout their time there. Back Alley Brawl, Rooftop Rumble, and Concussion Yard are some of the other stages in the game.

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