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Another long weekend is ahead of us, and one couldn’t really complain about it. Who cares if we just had it – after last week, it is much needed! So for any of you who need a break in the news, even two hours, this weekend of July has a lot to offer.

This week saw the highly anticipated digital release of Everything Everywhere All At Once, the latest film from two Daniels producers starring Michelle Yeoh. Although the movie is currently only available for digital purchase, you will have to wait a whole month (July 5, to specify) until you can rent it.

Besides, there are plenty of options to watch this weekend. No Time to Die, the latest feature in the James Bond series starring Daniel Craig as 007, is available for streaming on Prime Video. And that’s not all, as the 2022 Hustle sports drama starring Adam Sandler and Paul Schrader’s Card Counter landed Oscar Isaac on Netflix and HBO Max this weekend respectively. There are tons of VOD releases to choose from, from The Policeman’s Lineage to the Small Town of Wisconsin and more.

To help you get a handle on what’s new and available, here are some new movies you can watch in streaming and VOD this weekend.

Everything Everywhere All At Once
Where to look: Available for $ 19.99 at Amazon, Apple, and Vudu

Everything Everywhere All At Once, No Time to Die, and more new movies you can watch at home this weekend

Hong Kong film legend Michelle Yeoh starred in Everywhere Everywhere All Once, a second feature from Swiss Army Man directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, like Evelyn, an elderly laundry owner who tries to incur his taxes while maintaining his bad relationship with his daughter, Joy. (Stephanie Hsu), and husband, Waymond (Ke Huy Quan). After being told another version of her husband’s universal version, Evelyn has to start a rescue mission and repair her broken family.

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With the exception of a long series of Matrix sequels and re-enactment, rip-offs and copycats, this is the first film that sounds like a miracle, a hero, and completely changes the game as a real Wachowskis of 1999. The special effects, thus kaleidoscopic on the changing forms, look as strong now as it was when the bullet hit it first. The film’s destructive film philosophy of the universe sounds ambitious and strong as Matrix’s Gnostic takes the truth at that moment. And the battle of karate, carefully set between impressive choreography and blatant folly, sounds as fierce as ever in a battle organized by Jackie Chan or Woo-Ping Yuen.

No Time to Die
Where to watch: Available for streaming on Prime Video

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Daniel Craig’s swan song from the James Bond franchise sees a major spy return to work when an MI6 scientist kidnapped by an extremist terrorist (Rami Malek) as part of a plot to release a deadly biological weapon in the world. Joining Bond on his mission are Nomi (Lashana Lynch), “new” 007, CIA agent Paloma (Ana de Armas), and her former teammates Q (Ben Whishaw) and Moneypenny (Naomie Harris)

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It would be easier not to criticize if No Time of Death satisfies its bonds to Bond humanity, rather than placing it in a few scattered squares, surrounded by explosive drama, half-baked full of explosions and chasing cars. Perhaps the film is really “about family and relationships,” but to the best of its ability, it emphasizes the lack of four-dimensional ideas that fuel the biggest blockbusters, to prevent all of our modern heroes from finally feeling powerless as killers of girls. sometimes they change.

Card Counter
Where to watch: Available for distribution on HBO Max

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Following Paul Schrader on his 2018 spiritual drama First Reformed star Oscar Isaac as William Tell, a former military investigator making a living as a traveling gambler. After crossing the streets with Cirk Baufort (Tye Sheridan), a troubled young man accused of rebelling against Tell’s former boss, Maj. John Gordo (Willem Dafoe), Tell the efforts to educate Cirk to prevent him from going down the dark path, only. to find himself on the brink of oblivion. Tiffany Haddish also plays the role of La Linda, who hires gamblers on behalf of a group of investors.

Where to watch: Available for streaming on Netflix

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Adam Sandler returns to a stunning role in the 2022 Hustle sports game, playing a basketball scout that has put him in a position to coach Bo Cruz (real NBA player Juancho Hernangómez), a talented young player. worried past overseas. To bring him back to America without the consent of his team, the two have to work together to deal with the difficulty of getting a gun in the NBA. Produced by LeBron James and Sandler himself, Hustle looks like a hot basketball drama inspired by the genuinely yet passionate love of the sport.

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Sandler and Hernangómez share impressive chemicals. Jerry Maguire’s Jerry-like connections with his client Rod Tidwell emerge between the two, as Stanley becomes Bo’s husband – describing him as “If Scottie Pippen and the wolf have a baby” – and the healer and father of the talented actor. Sandler’s love of combining laughter and heartbreak rises to the point of defining his high-profile character. And Hernangómez, a six-year-old NBA veteran, is impressive. Like other world basketball stars who make cameos; Trae Young, Tobias Harris, Doc Rivers, Kenny Smith, Julius Erving, and so on do not compile the works of Space Jam, but add an acceptable fact.

Ben & Jody


Where to watch: Available for streaming on Netflix

Everything Everywhere All At Once, No Time to Die, and more new movies you can watch at home this weekend
This Indonesian action movie includes a star from The Raid Yayan Ruhian, who also plays a vicious role in the story of farmers struggling to fight inflation.

Birth of the Police The small town of Wisconsin

Where to look: Available for $ 6.99 at Amazon, Apple, and Vudu

Everything Everywhere All At Once, No Time to Die, and more new movies you can watch at home this weekend
After losing the right to live with his child, absent father and permanent child Wayne Stobierski (David Sullivan) took his youngest son, Tyler (Cooper J. Friedman), with him on a weekend trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. . A little dark joke, dealing with excessive drunkenness and the loss of the right to freedom, gradually transforms into a journey of self-centeredness, maturity, and family redemption.

Where to look: Available for $ 6.99 at Amazon, Apple, and Vudu

Everything Everywhere All At Once, No Time to Die, and more new movies you can watch at home this weekend
With a well-defined story of “Lady Bird meets Lobster meets Battle Royale,” the Wyrm black comedy is set in another reality of the mid-’90s where teens are in demand.


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