Gildedguy – Fortnite Skin and How to Unlock the Skin!


Gildedguy is one of the Epic Outfits in Fortnite: Battle Royale, we also shoe outfits like Guggimon and Bugha was featured in the Fortnite: Battle Royale with their own skin outfits. Now, the Gildedguy is one the latest most special outfit of all time and with its new animated skin will make it a way to Fortnite with a special Party Royale event.

Gildedguy - Fortnite Skin and How to Unlock the Skin!

Short Story Of Gildedguy

Gildedguy is one of the Dojo Duelist characters created by Micheal Moy and the same online character named Gildedguy. Dojo Duels is a community system just like Rock Hard Gladiators (aka RHG), this is a platform where one animator challenges another to battle each other’s Duelist character.

Gildedguy was once a house painter resident in the backstory and take it pleasure job but wished that the life he is leading could bit more exciting than what he is doing in his present. One day suddenly his mind strikes and uses a paintbrush to draw the armor of the knight and the knight sword. Mysteriously light shines and the magical powers transform the art into an actual magical golden knight armor for him.

Glidedguy gets surprised by this and sets off to know more about the magical mysterious paint. After knowing about the magical mysterious paint and quits his painting job and tries his best to be an artist.

Gildedguy has a total runtime of about 40 minutes and the show may run non-stop for 48 hours so there is a jump for players in anytime they want to jump.

How to get Gildedguy Skin in Fortnite

The skin for Gildedguy will be available at the Item Shop of Fortnite: Battle Royale from July 22 at 8 PM ET. The players will get the skin as a part of the game, and it will just be part of the Gildedguy and includes:

  • Gildeguy Outfit
  • Slush Fighter Cape Back Bling
  • Stella Pen Smashpack Pickaxe

Players should know that as it is an Epic and rare outfit, they may have to spend 1500 v-Bucks to buy this outfit from the Item Shop in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

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