Pokemon Go – Redesigning of Shiny Cloyster’s looks by Fans!


Pokemon Go is becoming more entertaining and for this reason, trainers are making a fanbase and redesigning its character to the next level of editing skills with the character. The fan of Pokemon Go is creating their own sort of redesign for the appearance of the Cloyster’s shiny looks introduced in the game in generation 1. Cloyster Shiny Pokemon is listed as one of the rarest Pokemon in the game and redesigning of the pokemon fans enjoy doing it. Fans are getting desperate and for so on they are redesigning their own versions for Shiny Cloyster’s look and designing the shiny Water and Ice types of Pokemon Go’s Cloyster.Pokemon Go – Redesigning of Shiny Cloyster’s looks by Fans

Shiny Pokemon were found and first introduced in the second generation with the title of Pokemon Gold and Silver. These Shiny Pokemon are one of the rarest Pokemon and in which the wild Pokemon are mostly caught and players encounter them. There is almost only 1 chance of appearing in their normal form and with a different color palette. Though shiny Pokemon were one of the rarest now they are not the rarest Shiny Pokemon and fans are continuing to enjoy the presence of modern Pokemon titles.

The artist of Reddit redesigns Shiny Pokemon and the username of that person is Jadeeyedcalico, who made is big fan of Pokemon Go and redesigned the 91st Pokemon, Cloyster. The Cloyster’s was redesigned its outer shell from a pale purple to a pale blue and with inner and outer shell to a golden-bronze color palette.

This is the recent and most liked Reddit image of shiny Pokemon from Jadeeyedcalico, and they have also redesigned the shiny for the Dragon and other Ground-type Pokemon from Diamond Pokemon, Pearl Pokemon, and Garchomp.

Some of the major things that fans don’t like and enjoy, certain shiny Pokemon are little details changes and appearances. Shiny Pokemon are one of the most searched topics and discussed between players to players and trainers to trainers.

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