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While the news of Jesse Watters’ extramarital affair has continued to dominate the headlines, Noelle Watters, his ex-wife, has yet to provide her side of the tale. Meanwhile, she’s been hard preparing a future for her twin daughters while fighting for spousal and child support.

Noelle Watters is a New York-based fashion stylist and television personality. She is also the ex-wife of Jesse Watters and the mother of two children. What was the catalyst for her and Jesse’s breakup?

Noelle was busy making a career for herself with Fox News before to her marriage to Jesse Watters. Nonetheless, she was forced to leave her employment due to family obligations. Many people have been wondering what will happen now that her spouse has been accused of having an extramarital affair. But, before we get into her antics with her ex-husband, let’s take a look at who she is as a person.

Jesse’s ex-wife is well-known for her secrecy when it comes to her personal life. Her personal life has been a well guarded secret, and nothing is known about her.

Bio of Noelle Watters

Noelle was born in New York, the United States, as Noelle K. Inguagiato, although her precise birth date remains a mystery. She was raised in a middle-class American family with her other siblings.

Noelle has been tight-lipped regarding the specifics of her education. Nonetheless, her appearance suggests that she may have received one of the world’s top formal educations. She was born in the United States and comes from a white ethnic background.

Noelle Watters has made a profession out of her fashion sense. She got a position with Fox News Channel after finishing her education and began working as a television host. She was the host of the well-known fashion show iMag. She met her now-husband while working as a host and, of course, took their relationship to new heights.

In the meantime, Noelle Watters worked as an anchor for the Outnumbered show. She resigned her work in 2011 after becoming pregnant and giving birth. Noelle’s family life has taken a toll on her, and she has yet to return to work. She has, nevertheless, made an attempt to be a good housewife and mother to her twin.

Who is Jesse Watters, exactly?

Jesse was born on July 9, 1978, and is a well-known television personality and producer. He graduated from Trinity College in 2001 and has worked for The O’Reilly Factor as a producer.

He was a regular on the show, doing “On-The-Street” interviews and the “Watters World” section. His estimated net worth is $5 million.

Is Jesse Watters married or unmarried? Yes, he is married to Emma DiGiovine right now. Watters confirmed his engagement to Emma via a Twitter post on August 25, 2019, stating,

Emma and I are thrilled to share the news of our engagement! Thank you to everyone who has given us so much love, especially our family and friends. We are quite grateful.

The pair married in December of this year. The wedding of Jesse Watters took place in Naples, Florida. Donald Trump Jr., Kimberly Guilfoyle, Eric, and Lara Trump were among the guests that attended the wedding.

What does Noelle Watters, Jesse Watters’ ex-wife, do for a living?

Following her divorce from Jesse Walters, Noelle Watters now works as a television host and stylist. She is now more concerned with raising and caring for their twin daughters, Sophie and Ellie Watters.

Noelle Watters has previously worked for The O’Reilly Factor as a style advisor. She has also worked as an anchor for the daytime news and chat show Outnumbered.

Noelle Inguagiato, Jesse Watters’ (now former) wife, was born on May 5, 1976, in New York City, United States. So, what is Inguagiato’s age? Noelle Watters will be 45 years old in 2021.

Peter and Rosemary Inguagiato are the parents of the fashion stylist. She has Scottish and Irish ancestors.

Husband (Jesse Watters) and children

Noelle Watters, as previously said, is Jesse Watters’ lovely wife. Her spouse is a well-known conservative political analyst and TV show host in the United States. He co-hosted The O’Reilly Factor and The Spin Stops Here with Dennis Miller and Bill O’Reilly on television. He also hosts The Five, Outnumbered, and Watters’ World, as well as his own show. Following his man-on-the-street interviews, Watters became a hot topic.

The media personality was born and raised in the United States, in the city of Philadelphia. In 2002, he began his professional career as a production assistant at Fox News. He progressed in his career and eventually joined the staff that created The O’Reilly Factor’s show. He later appeared on-air as a guest on the show at various times in the following years.

Noelle and Jesse began a relationship after meeting at Fox News. In 2009, the two chose to marry in a wedding for which no details are currently accessible. On November 4th, 2011, they welcomed their twin daughters, Sophie and Elle Watters, two years after becoming husband and wife.

Just six years after their daughters were born, what appeared to be a flawless union began to experience marital problems. Jesse was rumored to have been unfaithful to his adored wife. He was rumored to have had an adulterous romance with Emma DiGiovine, a Fox associate producer. Noelle Watters lost up on her marriage in the midst of the tumult and filed for divorce in October 2017. While the divorce papers were being prepared, word of Jesse’s extramarital encounters spread like wildfire.

Dimensions of the body

The fashion stylist has light brown hair and brown eyes. She stands 5’6″ tall and weighs 121 pounds.

Career and education

Noelle Watters earned her Bachelor’s degree in Arts from Fairfield University after graduating from high school.

She has always wanted to work in the fashion sector and has had a strong affinity for it since she was a child.

Jesse Watters then told Fox News about his new connection. While DiGiovine was transferred to another show, she quit the network in 2018. The couple didn’t have to go to court to finalize their divorce because they agreed to settle the issue amicably. Noelle Watters and her daughters currently reside in Washington, D.C., in the United States.

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