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Luffy is in a sweet moment as he arrives at the conclusion of his battle with Trebol. With nearly twenty-five years running through Shonen Jump’s pages, One Piece has been living an important climax for over 1000 chapters so far–and Chapter 1044 approaches quickly! However, it will be after these weeks one final obstacle before victory can finally come into focus: Wano Country brings its own set challenges (notably moreu moustached pirates).

One Piece chapter 1044 Release date

One-piece Chapter 1044 will premiere this Sunday at 11:00 am EST; 8pm PST.

Where to read chapter 1044 of the One Piece manga?One Piece chapter 1044

To read the latest chapter of One Piece manga, legally and for free through a website or app on your iOS device this Sunday morning (UK time), go ahead with Manga Plus.

To read the latest chapter of One Piece manga officially, legally for free and in English, it will be enough to access Manga Plus this Sunday. The app is available on iOS devices or web browsers so you can enjoy your favorite story without any hassle!


The recent Toei Animation hack has caused One Piece’s Wano Country Arc to be delayed. With an upcoming panel at this year’s Anime Japan event, fans are looking forward to learning more about the future of the Shonen franchise and what they can expect from its most popular series- Naruto Spin off series such as Boruto: Naruto Next Generations or My Hero Academia. It would seem that we may have another anime title on our hands so stay tuned!

The next chapter of One Piece will be exciting! I’m looking forward to see how Brook and Luffy’s team relationship continues. As well as Ace’s new adventures in Eneru region, what other surprises await us on this journey? Let me know your thoughts by tweeting @EVComedy or leaving a comment below!.

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