DaniLeigh Reacts to DaBaby Beating Up His Brother Bill at Bowling Venue


The famous rapper, DaBaby and his security guards were caught on a few videos, reflecting some heavy crashes on Bills, who is the brother of Danileigh. Early on Thursday morning, several videos came up on the social media platforms and internet referring to the fight, which displayed Bills clearly bleeding after being attacked by a group of guys, out of one of whom turned out to be his sister’s baby daddy.

DaBaby and his ex-girlfriend and baby mother, DaniLeigh, had a domestic disagreement past year in which he threw her along with their baby out of his house. That shocking incident has led to her brother Brandon Curiel, who is also better known as Brandon Bills, declaring to beat up DaBaby for how he treated his sister and niece and throwing them up out of his home.

Moreover, after referencing that incident on Wednesday night, things became more vicious as both men ( bill and Dababy) came face to face for a fight in the middle of a bowling venue despite the fact throngs of people shoot the videos while looking on. Some of the shoot videos shared by a few social media handlers illustrate that the rapper’s security detail was attacking Bills and leaving his face thoroughly bloodied.

Whether as, in one video, it is seen that one of DaBaby security is grabbing Bills by his dreadlocks and also seen that he is slamming him to the ground forcefully. At the same time, the rapper DaBaby hides behind another security guard.

DaBaby was also gotten into footage while punching Bills in the face, and his security guard held him down. It’s until not clear if both men fought again after that bowling venue incident or not, but Bills showed with the help of his social media Stories that he went to talk to DaBaby like men. Still, instead of that, he was confronted by the Dababy’s security guards.

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