Is Light the Night Season 3 on its way?


On the 30th of December 2021, Netflix will release the second season of the Taiwanese thriller Light the Night. After the identity was revealed after the first season, viewers were not kept waiting long for the return of Light the Night. The question of “who is the victim” becomes “who killed her?” a little more than a month later for fans. Please find out how Light staff members deal with Sue’s death this season as investigators search for her killer.

Second-season synopsis for “Light the Night”: Discover the mysteries entwined in a web of lies. Season 2 picks up where the first season left off, with Sue being revealed as the victim. The hunt for the killer continues as the season delves deeper into Rose and Sue’s pasts the Light hosts.

Season 2 of Light the Night has as many mysteries as mysteries about Sue’s death. Every time a new character or element is introduced, it complicates the story further—Wen-cheng to zero in on a single person as a possible suspect.

Season 2 of Light the Night is a rollercoaster ride because of the shifting, fresh revelations about Sue’s history and threats from the drug mafia. Without giving too much away, the series is sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats as they search for answers.

Is a third season on the way?

In two separate portions, only 16 of the original 24 episodes of Light the Night have been released thus far. A significant cliffhanger closed the second season, with more questions than answers. The death of Chiang Han and the appearance of an unfamiliar set of eyes in the rearview mirror have left many questions addressed in the third season.

Because of the unresolved murder-mystery episodes, there is a need for a third season of Light the Night. The third season is scheduled to premiere in early 2022, so keep an eye out for it.

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After a few weeks, the second season was published, and this means the third season is probably nearing completion. After Chiang Han’s injury, viewers may anticipate seeing the main characters from the previous films return for the third episode of Light the Night.

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