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Cherished golfer Erik Barnes tries out for PGA tour and speaks about his job at Publix

Erik Barnes is indeed a pro player and knows how to keep impressing his fans for sure. The beloved played hot the headlines once again with shocking news for each fan out there. Barnes, in a current session, said that Korn Ferry is something which he has been over for some time now and wanted to try for something else. He attempted to qualify in the PGA tour, to make a note of is not that easy for sure. The talent and the skills of the famous player highlight his new level of qualification. He mentions how the Houston Open played a massive part and talks about all the upcoming stuff that fans will see.

Previous record: Erik qualifies for PGA Tour.

Barnes currently revives the 38th position in the Houston Open, and also his rank in all around the world witnesses drastic change. Hi ranks now in the 555th number and is one of the most toppers players. His skills make him the viral part of the Masters’ Tournament. Barnes has been working very hard lately, and on the 4th of July, he tried for TPC to obtain the third position. After his performance in Ferry, Tour Barnes made an appearance on the PGA tour via the Houston. The news before that of Erik working in the Publix hit the headlines. The grocery store was his means to earn money during the pandemic period when anything was open hardly. The 33-year-old player was honest about it and even joked about it with fans.


Work at the store: Erik qualifies for PGA Tour.

It is true that the golfer has not played in many tournaments yet and also has not got the opportunity to earn much. When the Covid hit the world, and everyone was shutdown, the golfer accepted that it was hard to run the family. So he started looking for jobs and didn’t have any expectations for it. He says that it does not matter to him the kind of job anyone does or the salary they receive.

The golfer concluded that he worked for 9 hours in the store. It is starting from morning four, and also accepted that it was not very fun for him. However, he did what he had to do to support and feed his family. He said that he accepted the offer to run everything smoothly. After some months, he was famous because of the T13 and received many good results, one after the other. Although he is happy in Ferry, Erik states that he wanted to try some events in PGA and went for it.

PGA Tour: Erik qualifies for PGA Tour.

When Barnes spoke about the tour, he said that he has no status on it. Also, he will not have to opportunity to play every week. However, the talented golfer can have the chance to qualify for the events. He believes in trying hard and receives good results soon. Erik will be pushing for the RSM and will be playing next week. He speaks on how he has been doing all the routines from the past for so many years. He now leads to carry on with what his heart says. Hopefully, everything goes well for him, and many fans wish him good luck for the upcoming all opportunities in life for him.

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