Guatemalan Army tries best to rescue the people suffering from the ETA storm and supplies food and ration.

Storm ETA again shows its drastic effects on the public, which reached a great extend on November 6. The results were so intense that many residents did not get a chance to escape from the Storm. Many areas witnessed heavy load a waterlogging. So the Guatemalan Army and it’s rescue team went on to rescue the residents in need. Many people posted such videos of the army saving residents. Videos of the air force carrying rations for people went viral on their official Twitter accounts. Many flights were carrying essential necessaries for the public, including medical care and food for people whom the storm affected in the wrong way, which went viral on several social media platforms now.

Cities affected: Guatemalan military offers help.

The military officers found out the cities most affected by the storm and stitch in between the waterflood. Significant towns in Puerto Barrios and also many locations in Izabel witnessed colossal loss. Military officers in flights set out to recuse the people in need firstly in these affected cities and supplied ration to others. The storm trapped many brutally in floods, and it was hard to find and locate them. Several flights were flying, especially to rescue people trapped in deadly situations. Izabal’s landslides were one of them, which was the positively affected area where many people found injured and in bad conditions.

Incidents: Guatemalan military offers help.

Matucuy village witnessed a big tree fall near a linking bridge. It was so huge that it did block the only way to the town. Many were present in the city for a long time. So then the Field Artillery Brigade set out for the rescue of people from such a situation. The giant tree that fell over blocking the route to the village got carried away, letting people access the road. They saved many lives and rescued many≅ quickly. Also, essential supplies and care for provided to the people in and nearby the village. The storm showed its drastic effects, but thankfully, the team was able to handle and balance the conditions in many such places.

Rescues: Guatemalan military offers help.

Many such videos of the team rescuing people and clearing out the ways for them witnessed online. In one of those videos, the Major General directs the team members and the army officers to rescue the public and plans to help them in Izabal. Not only that, but they saved lives in the centre part of America also while finding some in significant injuries. As per the current census, more than a hundred people are still missing, yet having the teams always looking for them. Also, around 150 to 200 homes are wholly under the water. Many are so brutally destroyed internally and outside that it would be hard to get everything back to normal.

There are around 21 homes and shelters prepared for the people who lost their houses. Many are staying in these shelters. As per our sources, we know that about 772 of them are currently staying in these shelters under the officials’ care. The government officials report that they have evacuated around 2757. They are still trying to help more of them.  Luckily many got took under medical care, and hopefully, others will get out of the situation soon.

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