John James denies from accepting the results and his defeat against Senator Gary Peters and urges for an investigation.

The news of John James wanting to have a special investigation is currently indeed hitting the headlines. The U.S. Senate candidate in Michigan Republican wants to look at the results of the election votes received. He denies agreeing to his defeat against Senator Gary peters and requests an investigation to know the truth. According to James, he wants to clear out the confusion that he has and wants complete fairness in the results, so he took up this step for investigating the truth.

The results: John requests an investigation.

The Businessman has completed his graduation from West Point, and now James lost the elections against Peters, who stood for the same seat. James is also a War veteran and has around 48.3% of votes in favour of him. The results announced that Peters is the winner and will receive the seat, with 49.8% of people supporting him. Thus, James suggests investigating his race. Since 1994 the elections in Michigan have been conducted with many participants of different races, and for now, it is out that James loses by 7 points to Senator Debbie.

James’s post: John requests an investigation.

When the results were finally out, James refused to accept it. He clearly stated that there might be chances of cheating. He said that Senator Peters is ahead of him, but thinking about the Michiganders, he speaks that it might be dishonest. James suggests looking into the results again. The 39-year-old stated in his official Twitter account that if they accept his defeat just like that, then the honesty of democracy will not be purely transparent. He wants to look into it to know that every vote was right. Also, there were no mistakes in the count announced before.

The reason behind: John requests an investigation.

When asked behind his reaction, James clearly stated that whatever he was doing is for the voters. He wants to make them feel confident enough that the election and the voting system were wholly fair. Also, their votes matter to everyone. His statement, which got shared on Thursday, states it doesn’t matter whether they win or lose. When the investigation completes, at least people will know that everything is pure. He also mentions that he will willingly accept the result. Even if the final results show his defeat and he will work according to the public’s will. James says that he has enough amount of evidence required to start with an investigation. He said that it clears that the voting system was fair and conducted legally without any cheating.

Talking about the people who were not with this matter and not supported him, he said that there is nothing to hide and nothing wrong in an investigation. He says that objecting against his step might have something to hide and thus do not allow investigation. Attorney Charlie Spies will support James, and they have already filed a complaint regarding g the issue. Spies mentions some mysterious ballots present, which cannot be considered and will be looking into it in detail. They also doubt the process as they claim that poll watchers participated in it. Peter is around 80,000 votes ahead of James, and when asked Peters about the issue, he laughed it out and said that they might be doing this as they have lost now. 

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