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Apple is open for taking pre-orders for iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro Max and HomePod mini.

Renowned brand Apple which always, manages to hit the headlines, came up with some exciting news. It is for all the potential buyers out there. Yes, iPhone 12 series as launches iPhone 12 miniiPhone 12 Pro Max now, and that HomePod mini will be looking forward to pre-orders. These are some of the most awaited models of 2020. Apple devices will be available to set a pre-order by following the schedule always decided by the brand. The orders will get placed on November 13.

The pre-order schedule: Apple opens for pre-orders.

If you look into the previous records, then Apple’s schedule has always been the same. There will be the leather cases for the upcoming new models of 12 series available along with MagSafe Duo charger. For now, Apple announces that the cases will be available from Friday morning, and the Duo charger might be out a bit late. The launching event gave a list of new models in the 12 series along with HomePod getting mentioned, and staggered release did begin in October.

The latest upgrades: Apple opens for pre-orders.

Apple has released some beloved models in its history in 2020 and to make a note of each had its features and specific design differentiating from others. The Apple device users witnessed that the design of the model iPhone 5 gets highly used in many models. However, the camera quality, software upgrades, and connectivity are positively changed and improvised in all the models. Also, some drawbacks came to notice when Apple faced an issue with iPhone 12 not supporting 5G. The A14 Bionic chip that is also a system on a chip. It releases in the brands’ smartphones, and other features OF MagSafe and OLED kept rolling in.

Specifications: Apple opens for pre-orders.

The iPhone 12 mini is one of the upcoming new models and displays 5.4-inches having wide cameras. They are of 12 megapixels and features a Dolby Vision for videos. The phone will have a battery running for 15 hours and has a pocketable factor within the phone. Buyers will witness that this model will be ab bit familiar to the iPhone 12 and has a chassis made up of aluminium in it. The price of this model by Apple will be around 699 dollars, and if you go for 128GB, it will rise to $749. If buyers get 256GB, then the price tag will go up to $849 price on it. Talking about 12 Pro Max by Apple will have a 6.7 inches long screen display and a shift stabilizing sensor.

Buyers will get a LiDAR scanner, and a wide telephoto camera featured on the phone. The mini model can reach up to 30 frames every second, but it goes up to 60 for sure in this model. The battery of this phone will not die until 20 hours of long and continuous usage. As it is clear that this model will have more upgraded features than the iPhone 12 mini, the price will also be high. The iPhone will cost around $1,099 if you opt for 128GB. The storage of 256GB and 512GB will have a price tag of around $1,199 and $1,399, respectively. HomePod mini will have a dynamic driver of the full range and 360 degrees of sound playback. The backlit touching panel, along with S5, which is a system-on-chip, surely attracts many.

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