Denmark has decided to cull over 15 million minks with Covid mutation fears. Recently they have found a higher rate of virus transmission through minks.

The current year has given immense surprises to almost all of us. An unexpected virus started ruling the globe.  Because of this, the whole of humanity had to pause for a few months and slow down. I guess you all know what I’m talking about; yes, it’s the coronavirus. We all know what this virus has done to our earth. Because of this mighty thing, we had to suffer stressful lives in closed walls. And many of them lost their lives because of this virus. Initially, there were misconceptions that the virus gets transmitted by every animal. Later, after acknowledging the truth, animal violence decreased. But it didn’t last long. The scientists of Denmark observed that the virus got transmitted through minks. Because of this, the government decided to kill over 15million minks. We, humans, kill other innocent beings for our wellness.

About: Minks.

Mink is a semiaquatic mammal belonging to the genera Neovison. Mink comes from the family, Mustelidae. They have dark coloured skin naturally, and breeds have a white coat on them. We find some other species of minks, also like the American Minks. Though they are carnivorous, Minks are used in laboratory or clinical purposes. Because of this, the breeding of minks and production goes in thousands. Initially,  there were several troubles raised for maintaining this animal. Because of this, even clinical trials went rough for a few days. Besides these, there comes a few breeds of minks that serve their purpose for clothing. The American Mink’s fur has this lovely soft and smooth texture which suits for apparel. And, with this, they make sweaters, sweatpants and other clothing accessories. And, with this, the fur extracted from the minks makes up farming. Because of this, even farming industry comes up in terms of bars.

About: Denmark

Denmark comes as one of the Scandinavian countries of Europe. Typically, Denmark belongs to Nordic, North Europe. The official language of Denmark goes with Danish. Majority of the population constitute Danish-speaking citizens while a few of them belong to other languages. Denmark has its name for great history and tourist places. And the currency practised in Denmark goes with Danish Krone. Besides these, the time zone goes with UTC+1(CET). The county has it’s named for many splendid discoveries over time. Because of these, many famous scientist and philosophers have their statues inscribed.

Denmark to cull over 15 million minks, orders passed by the government:  

After a few months of the coronavirus, Denmark authorities have found that the virus can transmit through minks. A few days ago, around five workers working on a mink farm, we were tested positive for the virus. And when researched, it came out that the virus spread through minks. Because of this, the Prime Minister of Denmark, Mette Frederiksen announced to cull over 15 million minks. It constitutes the entire population of minks of the country. Denmark holds the worlds largest mink farms and now culling all them results in drastic consequences.

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