Public suggests to make changes in the format of the Grand Rapids elections by sending two proposals.

Grand Rapids elections are elections that faced some issues, and the way they get conducted is disagreed by few. So the suggestions of changing the format and conducting the elections have been made by some. Many believe that the election procedure is not up to mark. Also, people conclude that it is making the charter, not in favour of a few. The talk of changing it based on the proposal is around. Also, if it implies some profound changes will get made for sure.

The proposals: Suggestions for Grand Rapids.

Initially, they suggested moving the elections to even years instead of the odd ones. The margin of 17,173 to 14,910 was out by Kent County Clerk’s Office, not official. The next suggestion was to run the elections for two high-level competitors with the public’s highest support. It got meant to be in single city’s races by 17,144 to 14,349 votes. If we look into the current format, then opponents or the candidates who are participating and score more than 50 per cent of the public’s votes directly will receive the seat. They will not have to go through the November challenge and get chosen for the seat as per the set rules.

All changes: Suggestions for Grand Rapids.

The significant change that will happen if the proposal is accepted is that candidates will have to attend the challenge and win in it to win the set. Even if they had more than 50 per cent of the public’s votes, they would not get the seat directly without the challenge. In-person votes are calculated and recorded, but the votes by the ballot did not get counted. So the final result is not out yet. Around 42% of people have returned the ballot. There are around 501,000 voters, so among them, around 211,000 have given them back. Citizens who agree with the proposal have signed it, and the count is more than enough to place it on the ballot. 

Benefits: Suggestions for Grand Rapids.

The format got mentioned before to be beneficial for democracy as per the previous records. Only a few people go to vote in the period of odd-year. So even-year voter’s counts will be drastically higher as compared to the odd-year ones. It will also help to have spent much less money and decrease the expenses if the odd-year elections did not get held. However, now the critics for the odd/even year format is very high.

Among the signed proposals, it is clear that many officials and the public are against this format. Including George Heartwell, who was the Mayor, is one of those who oppose this format. Some highlight that more races with the existing ones can cause confusion and fatigue for the people who want to vote. If there is a switch up or not, Candidates fighting for city commission will not get addressed separately respective of their parties. Well, if the switch happens, then the timeline for the commissioner’s seat will go ahead more. Although there would be changes, many feel that this will be beneficial for the public.

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