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Voyager 2 probe from NASA replies to the commands sent on March from the Earth.

NASA’s Voyager 2 probe, a spacecraft sent in space, is a very famous and well-developed one. NASA members were trying to contact the spacecraft for the past two months, and the constant work also did not help for the past two months to contact it. They accepted that the spacecraft Voyager 2 probe gets somewhere lost in the Interstellar space. The spacecraft kept moving in the interstellar but was unable to send data or contact to Earth. Thankfully NASA Received a message from the spacecraft now.

The spacecraft: NASA’s spacecraft contacts Earth.

The Voyager 2 probe named spacecraft was sent by NASA to collect data in space. It sent data to Earth at 11.6 billion miles. It gathered data and sent them back, but they had to wait to receive it for about 34 hours. Deep Space Station 43 is the radio which communicated with the probe, but it was offline for some time. Nasa was upgrading its hardware, and DSS43 in Australia got shut. It was one of the oldest radio antennae. It had transmitters fixed for around 50 years, and they had to get replaced. After the work finished, they tried contacting the probe to check whether everything was working fine but did not reply.

The message received: NASA’s spacecraft contacts Earth.

NASA contacted the spacecraft on the 29th of October, and as mentioned before, they usually had to wait for 34 hours. The spacecraft did not reply even after the time passed, and commands got sent, but it still didn’t reply. After March, the probe contacts now by sending a hello to the team. But the differences between these 6 to 7 months’ time span are not known to the probe. The Deeps Space network is the only way to communicate to it, and it has three telescopes located in several places. One is in the US. The other telescopes for communication are in Spain and Australia.

The trajectory: NASA’s spacecraft contacts Earth.

As the hardware got replaced and then only became hard to communicate, the Voyager 2 probe scientists initially thought something went wrong while upgrading. Telescopes in the US and Spain could not work to contact the probe, and thus it went out of the polar system plane. The probe got lost alone with no means to contact it, and its trajectory was unknown. However, now it is clear that there was no mistake with upgrading the hardware as the probe successfully sent a reply back to the Earth.

Some remaining upgrades will take place in 2021 as per the NASA team. Well, for now, the probe is replying to all the commands successfully. A team member of NASA, Brad Arnold, says that the probe and the communication are working fine as they knew it from the interaction with the Voyager 2 probe. DSS43 is also successfully communicating and has passed the tests fully. The news indeed made many happy. Well, to make a note of the 43-year-old spacecraft still keeps up with the commands and has been efficiently working to date. Scientists and the team are happy with the situation and are receiving the data now.

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