Police officers sprayed pepper spray on the members in the rally to disperse the crowd.

A rally set to start from 11 a.m and go on to 2 p.m. ET witnessed something unusual that has ever happened. The march that goes up to Graham’s polling place witnessed police officials who stopped them by spraying the paper spray on the ground. The officers ordered the people who participated in the march and told them to move back as the officials said they found some unlawful actions.

The rally: Rally dispersed due to pepper spray.

People decided to gather together from Wayman’s Chapel AME church to begin the rally but got caught up in the Confederate Monument at Court Square. They did not make it up to the polling place on Elm Street as they planned before. The crowd marching towards their destination witnessed the Graham police officers who stopped them. According to the department officers, they said that the crowd disturbed the public, and as they made a stop for about 9 minutes, it led to traffic. Prohibition of the rule gave the police the rights to disperse the rally there and there itself.

Unlawful actions: Rally dispersed due to pepper spray.

Graham police officers initially warned the members to move back to the Graham courthouse, but the crowd refused. The offices stated their actions by the crowd to be unlawful; they also called their actions unsafe. The officers stated the pepper spray as the crowd control measure and asked the rally to disperse immediately. However, the rally moved to the designated area, but this incident was not considered lawful by the enforcement.

To note, the Graham Police Department stated that the spray got not used on anyone to cause any chemical irritations. For around 5 minutes, officers waited, but as few people again chose to wait there, they sprayed it on the ground to disperse them. Police officers stated that they gave enough warnings and waited for the group to disperse. When the crowd denied doing so, they started to disperse them and tried to get them back to their designated area.

The arrests: Rally dispersed due to pepper spray.

Among the crowd, Richards was the rally part, said that many were crying due to the pepper spray. Furthermore, many could not make it to the poll. Most of them had tear-gassed eyes, and it was hard for her to catch a breath in that event. In a video, an officer was directly spraying the spray on a man’s face, whereas few other officers were spraying it on the ground. According to the officers, there were eight arrests of people crossing laws.

Drumwright, who held the rally, was among the eight people who were under custody. Some officers allowed the protesters to carry on, whereas some did not. Also, the spray irritated many. Many officials were not happy with the event. Well, the event did not affect voting as Patrick Gannon stated that voting was not interrupted. Governor Roy Cooper spoke about the issue and said that it is unacceptable, and Chairman Wayne Goodwin issues a statement. According to it, whatever happened, it was voter suppression.

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