World Vegan Day is celebrated worldwide on November 1 to spread awareness of veganism and its importance!

A day where every part of the world encourages people to go vegan is World Vegan Day. Celebrated on November 1 every year, vegans do not only highlight the importance of veganism but also encourage others to follow veganism. The impact of being vegan on the human body on the environment is appreciable. People maintain a proper diet and also save resources and use them wisely when they go vegan. Globally this day is recognized as one of the auspicious events.

History of veganism: World Vegan Day.

The word vegan or veganism was not so famous before 1994 when the vegan society and Louise Wallis came up to tribute the day for veganism. November 1 hence is known as the World Vegan Day, and officially it got declared in 1979. Before that, many people knew only about being vegetarian and non-vegetarian. After the day’s official announcement, the main difference from being a vegetarian to a vegan came out openly. Veganism indicates no consumption of anything non-veg along with dairy products. Now, this had many people getting interested to know about it in detail.

Importance veganism: World Vegan Day.

Why choose to be a vegan is a question that gets often asked to date. People who opt to live a healthy life with more care go for being a vegan. The diet plan that every vegan carries outcome with so many health prospects will help you live a long and happy life. The vegan’s diet plan is indeed the healthiest one existing, and it also teaches to care for the available resources. Positive changes will occur in your body, but when people follow a vegan lifestyle, they will notice that it protects the environment too very efficiently.

Environment protection: World Vegan Day.

Suppose people start following a proper vegan diet plan, then it is must have more water consumption in a day. The leading food that a vegan consumes is mostly green veggies and all fresh veggies like in a salad form. If calculated, plants consume around 200 times less water than animals, and thus raising and consuming fresh plants is beneficial. It saves water and maintains health at the same time. Every time veggies’ demands go high, raising and production also increases, so the soil remains nourished and right to use. Veganism is essential to keep the environmental balance perfect for sure.

Opting to raise and consume plants can be very easy and save time and energy than consuming meat. Storing and shipping meat can consume much power, and it is also not advisable to have long stored meat. People on this precious day support and promote veganism to ensure that others understand the importance of nutrients in the human body and how veganism saves the environment. The more we choose fresh veggies over meat and fat, the more fresh ingredients will get produced. It helps decrease air pollution with increasing plant growth, and people stay away from diseases for long. Thus it is highly essential to stay fit, healthy and go vegan on this precious day widely.

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