The one-hour tests that offer a ray of hope in the fight against Covid, Boris Johnson promises ‘massive’ expansion of rapid turnaround tests after the announcement of new lockdown.

The year 2020 became a roller-coaster ride to all of us. Because of a small virus, the whole world turned upside down. And, none of the situations remains the same. Change is the only constant: used to be a saying that turned outright. Because of this, many of us have faced immense difficulties. And, people have adjusted to an entirely new standard of living. Hand wash and sanitisers became constants. And, masks became an essential accessory. People are losing lives very quickly with this virus. And no one even thought of it. And, older adults are suffering the most. The virus complicates in older adults with diabetes and blood pressure more quickly. Recently, corona cases raised rapidly in the UK. And the government enforced lockdown again. This lockdown had revised set of rules. And the minister has announced some more norms in the latest news.

About: Virus spread in the UK. 

The United Kingdom became the epitome of this virus in February 2020. Because of it, the country faced a complete shutdown. And, people couldn’t go out for any commodities. The spread in the initial times had limitations. And, the viral spread got minimal. After a few days, the virus spread raised its bars. Because of this, the country called an emergency lockdown. The shut enforced complete lockdown, and the police took the responsibility of enforcement. Doctors and other medical staff got to work double the time. Because of this, even they started to become victims of this virus. Many of the medical staff lost their lives due to this virus. And the UK stepped up and became the second-worst hit country from the virus, after the USA. And, the virus didn’t stop the spread. Because of this, it raised to 1Lakh cases per day.

About: Boris Johnson

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, the prime minister of UK, was born on 19th June 1964. Because of his interest in Politics, he turned into it and rose to become the prime minister. Boris had the dream of entering politics since his childhood. And, because of this, he joined journalism. After receiving his degree, Boris served as a journalist for a few years. Later, Boris joined the Conservative Party and started evolving. Because of this, Boris gained attention from the public. Boris journey in politics includes MP, Foreign Secretary and Prime Minister. Because of his passion, he became the PM in 2019.

New advancement towards lowering the cases: 

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the UK, announced new norms for Lockdown from Monday. Because of this, the public reaches a state of havoc. And, Boris told that rapid tests might lower the spread of the virus. The news passed some relief to the public and the medical practitioners. Boris said that he would conduct examinations for every individual through rapid tests. And, this will help in detecting the virus a bit early. And in turn, will reduce the spread. Boris has arranged for a special team to conduct rapid tests.

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