National lockdown could be announced as soon as Monday in UK, the government has come to a decision after looking at the raise in the cases.

The world is running behind a vaccine throughout 2020. None of us imagined spending a year with distress. And people have lost a lot. Because of this virus, many of them lost their jobs. Entrepreneurs that aspires to enter the industry went in vain. And students that dreamt of travelling to abroad for higher studies have lost their dreams. And everything happened only because of a virus. The coronavirus outbreak started in the initial phase of 2020. Because of the epidemic, many countries announced their lockdown and underwent a hefty economic deficit. And, many of them lost their lives because of the virus. The outbreak spread enormously to every state within no time. And, because of this, they had to shut everything for at least three months. Now, the UK is observing a very high increase in the cases and had announced their lockdown again.

About: Corona Virus

This name had become the nickname of the year 2020. This virus has changed the phase of life on earth. Because of this virus, many of them have lost their lives. And, people have missed living life adjusting to a new normal. The first outbreak happened in December 2019, from China. Because of a mislead in a research lab at Wuhan, the virus started spreading heavily. And because of the outbreak, China became the first victim of this virus. And after China, the virus went to the US and other countries. Later, the US became the first country with the highest number of covid positive cases. And the state also has the highest number of corona deaths. And then Europe and India became the biggest victims of the coronavirus. The virus causes severity in elderly patients.

About: The severity of the virus in the United Kingdom

The virus entered the country in them 2020. And slowly the virus spread to every nook and corner. All the theatres shut, shops got closed, and every other commodity got barred. Except for the Hospitals, every other place got closed. Because of this outbreak, the government also got hitched. And because of it, every decision changed in the country. Schools and other educations institutions got closed. And because of this, students had to adjust to the new online classes norm. Around 90K cases got registering in the country per week, because of this actual death rate raised high.

New lockdown norms in the UK from Monday: 

Last week, the positive corona cases raised to 1Lakh per day. Because of this, the government took a decision. And the decision came down to put up another lockdown on Monday to reduce the spread. Because of the massive reach, even doctors find it difficult to cope with the distance. And during the previous lockdown space came down. But, again started to spread severely. Around 1lakh cases with 90,000 deaths have reported in a single day. Because of such high-grade spread, the government decided to order another shut down in the country. The prime minister may announce this news on Monday.

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