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Beloved actress Jenna Dewan speaks about her daughter Everly Tatum and her former marriage life with Channing Tatum.

Jenna Lee Dewan is a charming American actress who is famous for her acting and dancing skills. She gets recognized for her roles in Soundtrack and American Horror Story: Asylum. The beloved actress has made an appearance in several TV shows and talks about her ex-husband and marriage life recently. She married Channing Tatum, an actor, and American producer. He is famous for his breathtaking roles in She’s the Man and The Vow.

Early life: Jenna speaks on split up with Tatum.

Dewan started her career as a dancer then entered the acting field. She worker with Tatum in Step Up, which is a romantic dance-based film. The movie was a breakthrough for Tatum, and no doubt, their chemistry beautifully created the movie. Both the artists were first professional dancers, and then they got to be lead cast members in this movie. They started dating in 2006. That is when they were doing the shoot of Step Up, and after two years, they had an engagement. The couple married next year in California, and they have a daughter named Everly Elizabeth Maiselle Tatum. Jenna later started dating famous actor Steve Kazee. The couple together welcomed their baby boy named Callum Michael Rebel.

Jenna on NBC: Jenna speaks on split up with Tatum.

One of the most shipped couples concluded to part their ways after staying married for nine years. The pair split into mutual terms and are trying to be good parents to their daughter Everly now. Jenna said that she and her former husband, Tatum, are very supportive of each other and excel in parenting and personal life. She says being a single mother now helps her forget her workload, and she feels free now. Jenna continued that most actresses in the industry stress about upcoming next projects. She says it is useful in being far away from such stressing things. Jenna says that her priority, for now, is to be a good role model for Everly and wants her dancing career to always balance with personal life. Although the actress has much on her plate now, she indeed amazingly handles everything well.

Everly is like Jenna: Jenna speaks on split up with Tatum.

Talking about her 4-year-old daughter, the gorgeous dancer says that Everly is like a mirror of herself. The 39-year-old actress’s daughter is her inspiration. She said that her smart daughter runs her business very well and is willful. The actress continued by saying how her girlfriends helped her in bad times. She also spoke about how women gather and support their friends. Jenna felt the bond in bad times and is happy to have reliable friends in her life.

She always was happy to be a wife and mom. The mother of 2 says that whatever decision she makes is entirely her choice always. The actress said that none of her choices that she takes depends on her married life or separation. She said that she acts on what her mind says to her to do so. She said that she is happy with her daughter and exclaims to be a good mother first.

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