Governor Gretchen Whitmer issues new set of rules for bringing the increasing Coronavirus cases in Michigan under control.

Traverse City region faces more issues, and strict warnings for keeping up social distance and avoiding gatherings get declared. With the increasing spread of the deadly Coronavirus in Michigan, Governor Gretchen Whitmer has made a new set of rules. The officials are trying to bring the situation under control. According to the reports, hospitalizations have increased more, which leads to increasing death cases in 5 weeks. Having not so strict rules set before, Michigan is facing many issues now.

Extended rules: Whitmer issues new rules.

According to the sources, people within the past three weeks have got more affected due to the Coronavirus. Well, the members of Health Services are looking into the issue. New rules with the extension of the previous ones occur. It includes that more than 50 people are not allowed to attend any event simultaneously. As per the issued laws, a restaurant and bar can have only six people seated at a table, and a mask is compulsory if you are travelling anywhere.

Many places got strictly instructed to keep track of their customer with their data, including names and phone numbers. Events where people shout or cheer loudly lead to the virus’s extensive spreading. It spreads in the air, so government rules declare to not support or participate in such events. If anyone is found not following the rules, they will get fined at $1,000. Strict actions would take place against them if they did not cooperate with the officials.

Robert on the issue: Whitmer issues new rules.

Director of the health department, Robert Gordon, exclaims that it depends on every Michiganders to fight the deadly virus. People have to protect themselves by following the given guidelines. Celebrating several events and attending or conducting parties at this crucial time will take the entire situation out of control. Gordon says not to have more than ten people to be extra safe. He addressed the home to be more dangerous than outside and highlights to spread awareness and support the government. The tightened limits also affect economic conditions, with lesser restaurants and less public visiting them. However, the rules are set for the public’s safety as the city is in state four now. Compared to previously implied rules, these new sets of rules will prove challenging to change the lifestyle.

Current conditions: Whitmer issues new rules.

Around 5.52% of people living in Michigan tested positive with government tracking more with their COVID Tracking Project. Many are caught by the virus every day across the country. As per the sources, within three weeks, around 2 to 3 percentage of people test positive. Cases from 1,337 to 2,580 and death rates from 14 to 27 have increased daily, and conditions worsen. Also, health but economic conditions are getting low from people having no ways to earn due to restrictions. However, Whitmer produces several ways for this pandemic situation. Some of the GOP leaders are trying to meet the governor to talk about the restrictions. Citizens are hoping to get away from the issue soon. Everyone hopes so to get everything to the regular back as soon as possible.

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