Terrorist attacks hit France as yesterday a suspected terrorist attack resulted in death of 3 innocent people leaving a few of them injured.

Earth is the safest place for human beings. The reason for the existence of life on earth also goes the same. The greenery, atmosphere, life support act as the backbone for life to be possible. Different forms of living beings find it likely to stay on this planet. Survival has its importance and uniqueness. Humans have utilised nature to survive. Because of this, most of the environment got lost. And, humans have extended their use to greed. They have started messing the environment. Other than this, there exists evil among humans. Terrorists have increased, and their activities have created havoc among the public. Recently, in France, some unknown terrorist group has made a mess. Three people have shot to death, leaving a few of them injured. Because of these cruel people, those innocents had to lose their lives. France has its name for peace and disciplined people in the city.

About: France

France officially called the French Republic, has an excellent history for its beauty. France has its name for one of the most beautiful countries. The famous Eiffel Tower resides in France. Because of this iconic structure, France has a reputation as The city of love. And France is one of the most visited tourists places. Because of its popularity among tourists, the government has to take extra care about sanity and other issues. Paris acts as the capital of France. Most of the people in France are Christians making Christianity the official religion. Because of this France became famous for churches also. There are many beautiful churches in France. Tourists who visit to look at the beauty also visit churches. France follows a unitary semi-presidential representative republic form of governance. And French is the official language of France. The government gets considered as a bicameral legislature.


About: Terrorist attacks.

Amongst most of the peacemaking countries, there exists a few countries which involve in terrorist attacks.  Because of these, the word peace is losing its importance. None of the attacks is intentional. And because of these, young children also lose their lives. Many terrorist groups involve children and train them. Because of this, the children get spoiled at a very young age. And, they develop negativity in them and prepare them for dealing issues with negativity. These situations make and break peace among several countries. And, these attacks create tensions among citizens. Because of this, people fear to go to religious places also.

French church attack:

Recently, one of the church’s in French had an attack by a suspicious group of terrorists. Because of the attack, at least 3 of them get killed. France has its name for the peace-loving country, and this makes it unusual. Because of the attack, the public in France has developed a fear to step out. And the government has announced an enquiry commission to find out. The terrorists cruelly killed three innocents and caused injuries in some of the people. Because of this incident, the government passed alert orders to the public.

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