Hurricane Zeta leads to long power outage and people suffered from injuries leading to death of a man.

Hurricane Zeta shows its impact drastically and leads to a tropical storm, and many suffered due to the deadly Hurricane. Covering North Georgia, its effects rose along with massive damaging winds and wind gusts going up to 51 mph. The effects were increasing every minute, and assumptions of it extending more was terrifying. As per current conditions, everything is under control for now.

Actions took before: Zeta’s effects on the public. 

The storm strengthened, making the government and officials more stressed and to warn the public. The National Hurricane Center makes strict warnings. As per them, the Hurricane is not something small, and they have warned about strong winds to appear on the Northern Gulf Coast, which can be very dangerous as it is massive. Mayor LaToya Cantrell talks about the issue and exclaims that it is not a drill, so the public of New Orleans was before itself warned of the upcoming deadly Hurricane. Many areas got evacuated, and officials help people stock up food and other supplies to avoid them coming out of their house.

Previous condition: Zeta’s effects on the public. 

From 4 in the morning, service in metro Atlanta got shut off, and reports of trees and locations getting destroyed started storming in, leading to stress among the public. Within half an hour, it was clear that 100,000 Georgia Power customers had no power, and the Hurricane continued to destroy power lines. The count of customers kept on increasing every 5 minutes. At around five, people were guessing to see the bright sunshine at noon. Well, the storm was moving at an incredible speed away from the location. Traffic problems took place, having more than 225,000 with no power by 4:54 a.m. By five, it was out that the strong winds are moving to the north of Georgia, and Brookhaven was facing a similar issue now. Roads were all closed by 5:30 a.m., and the power outage continued to 530,898.

Current update: Zeta’s effects on the public.

By 7 a.m., the number of power outages slightly decreased. Officials and crews checked out the condition of the affected place before. N number of trees fell, having flooded roads. People were warned too not to come out of their houses. Also, even reporting a man’s death case took place due to the Hurricane. Giant trees were fallen all over the roads, and internet connectivity was out for thousands. Around a million people were out of power in metro Atlanta and the centre of Georgia.

A man survived from his 3-story home when a tree fell on him in his bedroom. Public schools were all closed, and 580,000 Georgia people had no power. By 10 in the morning, the count decreased to 400,000, and others had power by now. Still, the recovery of many areas did not take place. Travelling has become impossible for many. Some people even have minor injuries due to the deadly Hurricane’s effects, and many are still suffering from no power and internet connectivity. Many customers are still suffering without power as of 10 a.m., but certain areas are recovering quickly. Hopefully, conditions will be back to normal for everyone.

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