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Craig Conover, Southern Charm fame has finally broken his silence after Naomie Olindo, Chelsea Meissner quit.

Back in the ’70s, we used to witness the series on televisions. And, many of us curiously awaited for the upcoming episodes. Because we didn’t have any apps or youtube kind of channel to the telecast, we only relied on televisions. The upcoming shows and movies have increased their creativity levels. Sci-fi will remain the most-watched series of all time. And comedy comes next. Because of the popularity of these series, the stars are gaining good fame. And some of the stars are making millions of money as remuneration.  Stars like Friends may never come back. But, few are reaching their standards. Southern Charm, one of the famous series, gained immense fame in recent times. Craig Conover broke out his silence after a few of the actors announced their departure from the show. Here’s what Craig Conover commented.

About: Craig Conover

Craig Conover professionally is a lawyer. Craig had a great passion for getting into the entertainment industry. And because of this passion, Craig became an actor. Along with being an actor and a lawyer, Craig is an entrepreneur. Before stepping into the industry, Craig practised as a lawyer for a few years. Because of his practice, Craig also held a position in district court. Craig always had the notion of serving people. Because of this, he started a sewing venture. He wanted to help out all the people who liked sewing, said Craig in an interview. Craig is a well-known face for Bravo TV viewers through the Southern Charm. Southern Charm, a series came out in 2014, and since then it never failed to entertain. Craig announced his engagement with his co-star Naomi Olindo, but they called it off due to some issues. The show continued for six seasons.

About: Southern Charm.

Southern Charm, is one of the successful American Television series that came out on 3rd March 2014. Because of its immense popularity, the series hit great heights in success. The fact that it’s a reality television show amuses the audience. And the organisers manage and organise the show with the utmost care and precision. The storyline excites the audience and makes them stay muted. Because of the show being a reality show, the stars feel it uncomfortable to shoot. And amidst this, they give their best.

Southern Charm Season 7:

Craig and Naomi got introduced to the show as couples. The couple stood as an admirable couple in America. But, because of their differences, they split. And,  Naomi started dating some other person. And the organisers found the conversation between Craig and Naomi to be blunt and feared it might affect their show. Because of this decision, Naomi may leave season 7. And this is a massive loss to the show. Along with Naomi, Chelsea Meissner also quits the show. Craig brought the news after several speculations. Because of this, many of the fans are disappointed. A few say they have lost interest in watching the show. But, we may say that their split leads to this decision.

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