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Cherished American actress Anne Hathaway speaks about her kids and her pregnancy while shooting The Witches!

Beloved American actress and Golden Globe award holder Anne Hathaway remarked in the history with her every role that she plays—known for her famous movies like Princess Diaries and Bride Wars, the 37-year-old actress working in the industry in 1999. From comedy to drama, indeed, she has nailed every role that she gets in her movies. Every fan out there is always interested to know more about her and her family, but the actress strongly believes in keeping her professional and personal life separated. The actress has currently seen speaking about her two adorable kids, which hit the headlines for sure.

Beginning of career: Hathaway talks about her kids.

The gorgeous actress got raised in a rigorous family. Well, initially, her parents did not want her to join the filming industry. However, the actress found her passion for acting and performed several plays in her school life. It motivated her to act in her profession. The mother of 2 got first seen in the television series is Get Real, and she debuted in films by playing the Princess Diaries’ protagonist. The actress’s first film got so loved by the public, and she went on to play several roles in multiple movies from there. Some of them are Love & Other Drugs, Alice in Wonderland, Bride Wars, The Dark Knight Rises, and much more to count on.

Personal life: Hathaway talks about her kids.

Hathaway was dating Raffaelo Follieri in 2004. But later, they split up as Follieri was sound guilty for defrauding his investors in the real estate business. Hathaway was not any part of his crime. Well, after he went behind bars for around four years, she got left in depression. She started excessive smoking to overcome her stress but later overcame it and started her new life with Adam Shulman. The couple tied the knot on September 29, 2012. Later Hathaway gave birth to their eldest son Jonathan Rosebanks after four years. The actress has been open about he struggles with having a second child. The couple got blessed with their second baby boy in 2019, who is Jack Shulman.

The pregnancy: Hathaway talks about her kids.

The 37-year-old actress spoke recently about her kids. She says that her second baby boy is now almost 11 months old, and both kids love wrestling. She exclaims that it’s indeed very adorable to have her both kids wrestling. It adds more cuteness to both the brothers’ relationship. The actress talked about the pregnancy and said that when she was doing the film The Witches, she came to know about her pregnancy and had no idea about it.

When the designer was interested in making tight, stylish dresses for her, she was unaware of handling the situation. She said that she asked her costume designer to make a free loose dress for her during filming. When asked for the reason, the actress claimed that she knows herself and is comfortable in it. As the actress was pregnant in the entire film shooting, she and Jack were also part of the film.

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