Spain faces issues with increasing cases of Coronavirus again as compared to other countries now.

Cases of Coronavirus compared to February and March of this year now is a bit decreased, but in Spain, conditions are different. On January 31, 2020, the virus cases came out via a German tourist who visited Spain, and from there, the virus spread like rapid- fire. By March 13, more than 40 provinces were affected, and Spain witnessed more cases and deaths. When the rest of the countries are getting a bit free from the virus, Spain undergoes a second colossal attack.

Cases around: Covid-19 spreads in Spain again.

According to the latest report, it gets known that France has about 50,000 patients affected by the virus. There is news for North Korea’s original count of cases, but the exact number is not officially declared. The U.S. is currently ranking first in the list of Covid-19 issues, with 8.7 million people affected. India ranks second with 119K deaths and 7.91 million people involved and Brazil, Russia, and France. WHO has spotted a few countries as dangerous zones.

¬†Sanchez’s announcement: Covid-19 spreads in Spain again.

The deadly virus affected around 43 million people worldwide, leading to the death of 1.15 million. In Europe, currently, 465,319 cases got counted in only one day of October 24, leading to increasing government stress. The disease was at peak during the mid-march in Europe on which Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez established overnight Curfews to bring the conditions under control. The country reached the peek along with France having more cases and deaths due to th deadly disease. The Prime Minister opens up about the topic and says that increasing deaths is extreme, and thus more restrictions will get implied. 

New restrictions: Covid-19 spreads in Spain again.

Day by day, conditions are getting worse, so Spain’s government will be implying new rules and guidelines along with a set of restrictions. The government is trying to bring the virus under control, so people’s 00kdaily lives will again get changed with no bars, gyms, and theatres opened for now. But at the same time, the economic condition of people and the government is going down, so setting the balance is challenging. Many people claim that if the lockdown continues, it would be hard for them to survive, putting the government under more pressure. Many Romans fought for removing the curfew and struck for no lockdowns.

The same is the condition in Berlin. Some people are supporting the curbs, but some are getting more against after the second wave. Well, Spain has not crossed the United Staes yet, having many people pointing at Trump. Many White House members got infected. Trump has people pointing at him and has faced issues. From Bulgaria’s Prime Minister to U.S. Vice President Mike Pence’s many famous personalities are also infected. Also, many countries are still not allowing gatherings and parties, even with very few people. Germany declares that there will be no Christmas market this year, which is usually open traditionally every year for Christmas. Spain is one of Europe’s most affected countries will be going through a tough time for now.

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