Around 28 Coronavirus cases are found to be linked to Fitchburg church and health officials say it is a serious news.

The year 2020 has proved to be a mysterious year to all of us. None of the expected growth has taken place in this year. Netizens have lost jobs and have thrown under the bus. Many noteworthy countries have dropped their GPA with the ongoing pandemic in 2020. We all know about Kalam sir’s mission 2020, and we were so close in achieving it. But, a virus curbed all our growth. Hadn’t the virus entered India, we would have stood as one of the developed countries. But, a mere virus stunting all the growth and development of the country creates some panic.  Every individual has faced the downfall in this period. The cases are rising rapidly, and recently over 28 new patients have reported from Fitchburg Church.

About: Corona Virus

Corona Virus is the newest viral infection entered into this earth. The virus has reportedly come out from China and gradually spread throughout the world. The virus reports as a deadly virus in elders with diabetics and blood pressure. In the initial days, the virus had a viral spread in the USA after China. Later the virus entered India and gradually spread to every nook and corner. We have lost many versatile personalities due to this virus to date. The virus has a short name, CoVid -19 meaning coronavirus 2019 as it entered in 2019. The virus has reported being out breaking from Wuhan lab, China. The USA, India, Europe and China have reported as worst-hit countries due to the virus, and many countries are racing to find out a vaccine for the virus, and probably we may get one by 2021.

About: Fitchburg Church

Fitchburg is a famous city in Massachusetts, USA. The town stands at 3rd position in the area. City by the river and The Burg are the nicknames of the Fitchburg. The name Fitchburg is famous because of the Rollstone Boulder located in Fitchburg at Rollstone Hill. The Fitchburg Art Museum has an incredible history because of its collections. Many famous fossils and memorials have kept in this museum. Because of having many noteworthy churches in Fitchburg, it has its name for churches. There are many churches in Fitchburg. The educational system has appreciation only in a few cities, and Fitchburg has its name because of the educational system. Students from various countries come to Fitchburg for studying. Not only schools but, even colleges are famous. Universities in Fitchburg has the highest ratings because of the standard of education.

Covid cases in Fitchburg church:

The Crossroads Community Church in Fitchburg has reported over 28 covid cases this Sunday. The church was closed the next day because of the corona cases said. The health officials have alerted the citizens in Fitchburg to stay safe and protected. Because the people tested positive in a high number, the church is closed for two weeks. Many other places in Fitchburg have reported being dangerous because they have an increased number of cases. The government of Fitchburg have spread the alert of the covid possibilities.

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