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After Arsenal are blasted over Mesut Ozil treatment, Mikel Arteta faces Leicester selection dilemma.

Sports, a never-ending obsession for many of them stand at the top of the entertainment list. Sports pays the essence of life to most of them. And usually, boys get most interested in getting into sports. And many of them find a perfect career in sports too. We see sportspersons having immense craze in the audience and the general public. Among sports, football and cricket have the majority of fan following. The present generation goes behind football so much that many students aspire to become football players after they grow up. Arsenal hails the most famous football club based in London. Arsenal has the most of the fan following compared to others because of its players.  Now, Arsenal has shocking news to the audience. Mezut Ozil, one of the efficient player of Arsenal, got omitted by it’s chief Arteta. Instead, Arteta will pose to face the Leicester selection committee.

About: Arsenal Football Club

Arsenal Football Club shortly called as Arsenal is a professional football club hailed in Islington, London, England. They play in the premier league, English football. Arsenal created a sensation in the history of football because of having the most number of followers and fans from across the world. The history of Arsenal hails from 1893 for the first club from South London to join the football league. Arsenal also holds the history for creating some spellbound records which are unbeaten to date. The Arsenal Football Club, aka Gunners have won around 14 titles in several leagues. Arsenal has a Latin motto for its club, stating, “Victoria Concordia Crescit.” And it means gaining victory through harmony. Mikel Arteta serves as the current manager of Arsenal Football Club.

About: Leicester City Fan Club 

Leicester City Fan Club, a professional football club hailed from Leicester, East Midlands has its name at the top of the list of football. The club usually competes in the premier leagues. Leicester Club celebrates the nickname The Foxes, and they play their games in the King Power Stadium from their start of the career. Leicester’s named for the most dangerous club in the history of football for its terrible players. The Leicester club has won many awards and international recognitions. Many of its records stand unbeatable till date. The club got the name because of the city of Leicester in 1919.

Mikel Arteta: Omitting Mesut Ozil 

Mesut Ozil has his name for the terrific player from Arsenal. Ozil’s game spirit serves as an inspiration to many players. Now, the news came out that manager Arteta has removed Ozil from the Arsenal. And now, Arsenal got ready to face Leicester in the upcoming league without Ozil. Many comments are hitting all over the internet on Arteta’s decision to eliminate Mesut Ozil from Arsenal at the top-notch moment. The next match will happen between Arsenal and Leicester. Arteta has not given any reason for expelling Ozil from the team. The audience remains stuck in awe for knowing that a good player like Ozil got removed from the group. It’s unfortunate to acknowledge that such an efficient player will miss the game against Leicester and Arteta is supposed to pay for it.

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