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Renowned football player Winston Eubanks will be seen representing Penn State Nittany Lions from now on.

The famous player who holds the position of the wide receiver is Winston Eubanks, who has always successfully hit the headline with his noticeable skills. From starting his game at Junior college, he has been successful in reaching the level of RS- senior. The Senior redshirt class that he holds was cherished by many. However, the beloved player has hit the headline by announcing his transfer. The news is so unique and indeed surprising and thus spread like a rapid-fire all over the globe. 

Beginning of career: Winston transfers to Penn State.

Beginning his career from the junior college life itself, Winston started playing under the guidance of Jimmy Collins. He played for City College in San Fransico and caught 71 receptions with 12 touchdowns. The noted CCAA best player also had 62 receptions for 968 yards and later took part in WSU. As a junior in redshirt season, he participated in 13 games and had eight catches for more than 20 yards and had six yeard touchdown while playing against Oregon. Against Arizona, he had a 9-yard touchdown and went on to defeat many more. The cherished player is a sociology degree holder and dominates PSAC for sure. Even by missing many seasons due to the elbow issues, he made his return so mind-blowing that the demand is higher now. He gives an actual example of the perfect player and also plays rugby and basketball amazingly.

Penn State: Winston transfers to Penn State.

The team of Nittany Lions stopped playing as an independent team when they joined hands with Big Ten Conference. Representing the renowned college of Pennsylvania State the group initially developed in 1887. They went on to receive much fame from there. Having a record of winning 4 and 2 Big ten and consensus championship respectively the team is built with one of the most satisfactory members for sure. The team is guided by James Franklin now. The team witnessed some finest players like John Cappelletti, Richie Lussas, Glen Ressler, and Kerry Collins. Larry Johnson, Dan Connor and Saquon Barkley were also the top in the list for sure. Adding one more gem to the list, Winston will be soon seen in the team and will show his awesomeness by supporting the Penn State.

Joining period: Winston transfers to Penn State.

The fantastic news indeed got many students and fans excited. The player has always made sure to leave his remark after every game. Well, considering his seasons, he still is and will remain one of the best players. Under the guidance of Franklin, it would be indeed fascinating to see him and the team playing. According to the sources, the famous player will join the team and start with his training soon around January. When he was the part of Shippensburg people noticed the player skills and hence he got approached by many, but he went for the State College. From 2017 he has been ruling the field so in college days more of his skills and techniques will get seen. Many are indeed waiting for more games having him in for sure.

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