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Elton John celebrates his success with a Barbie Doll designed in his style to resemble him

The famous English pianist and singer Elton John is in the field since 1967. He has successfully sold more than 300 to 400 million records until today. The renowned singer is a holder of more than most listened to hot collections of songs worldwide. Listed in the top 100 in the US Billboard, his albums are one of the best selling ones for sure. From starting his career as a pianist, he walked gracefully through the path of success and made his way into each music lover’s heart put there. Known for his wild costumes and fantastic setup, the 73-year-old singer has hit the headlines again with something new this time.

Beginning of John’s career: Elton gets a barbie following his style.

Being born in a strict family, John’s parents initially wanted him to get into very professional banking and stuff. However, the 73- year old decided that he would get into the music industry no matter what. When he turned 15, he played the piano for a pub, which was mostly inspired by the songs of Ray Charles. Later, he formed his band named Bluesology, which co-operated with John Baldry’s and performed as one of their crews after few years. It was the specific point in his life, which made him successful, and from here, he gained fame.

Personal life: Elton gets a barbie following his style.

Elton was married to Linda, his then secretary, in 1960, but eventually, they split up. Initially, Linda helped him a lot with finance, but after 50 years of no contact, he helped her when needed. After getting divorced, the duo split their ways, and Elton went on to date John Reid. After their break up Reid continued to be his manager, he later married Renate Blauel, but they ended their marriage in 1988. John has been comfortable being called gay, and in 1993, he started dating David Furnish. After gay marriage was legal, they both decided to tie the knot in 2014. 

Honoured with a doll: Elton gets a barbie following his style.

The news of Elton finally having a Barbie doll copying all his wild style is all over the world for sure. The idea came up to celebrate a fantastic event. His show, which got held on the Dodger Stadium, was fully booked, and thus a Barbie doll with his style is designed o celebrate it. Talking about beauty, it will not have his face or structure. But will stand up with the fantastic jacket which will give a glimpse of the father of 2.

It gets styled with colourful shoes and stylish jeans. The doll is very eye-catching, indeed. When Elton spoke about it, he said that this doll is an honour for him, and he loves the style given to her. The bright pink glasses with the jacket highly resembles him, and he is pleased with the work for sure. Well, the doll is a limited edition. You can get it in Walmart or primary shopping sites like Amazon and others. Fans are indeed happy with the news and with the doll as it is highly in demand now.

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