Cobb and Stefanik take the debate to a next level for winning the post. Read to know about it!

The election is almost here, with candidates trying the best to prove their excellence. The famous debates which get watched now worldwide show each candidate’s plus and minus points easily. From making their speech more appealing to convince people to vote for them, candidates have been doing a fantastic job for sure. Most of the time, the heat in the debates increases, leading to a series of discussions in proving themselves right where each candidate fights for their post.

The district seat: Cobb and Stefanik’s debate.

Both the fantastic candidates are fighting for New York’s 21st Congressional district’s seat, and the debate witnessed Morre too. John Moore was the panellist and was posting questions to both the candidates to know their views. Also, the public very well got exposure to their deeds and talents. Well, many have been supporting them from the beginning. The debate seemed like a presidential one, but hats off to candidates who tried hard to win the seat and clarify their points. The first question was on the current pandemic situation, to which Stefanik kept her points first, followed by Cobb.

Beginning of the debate: Cobb and Stefanik’s debate.

Initially, everything was good, and Stefanik spoke about the Bipartisan package and funds to test the virus and hospitals to help the needy ones. While talking, she included that the opponent Cobb will support all the points that she spoke. It was the beginning of everything that happened later. Cobb replied that she and all would viewers would hear much lie news about her from Stefanik. Suddenly Stefanik instated and started speaking, so Cole stopped her and exclaimed that it is the other opponent’s turn now. Cobb continues by talking about the paycheck program, but she pulls Stefanik in between again, leading to a series of taunts and steaming debate in the show.

Calling out names: Cobb and Stefanik’s debate.

It was not going to stop soon and went on for an hour. Cobb speaks about how Stefanik is only focusing on Cobb but not on the topic. She includes that health care is the most important and gives this point a priority. At the same time, Stefanik states that Obamacare is not doing well, so they need extra help for health care. She proposes to purchase the needs across the state. At this point, Cobb states that Stefanik was initially against the idea and now goes for it, and they continue to talk over and over again to prove themselves right.

Cob kept stating that Stefanik voted for the Affordable Care Act and is confusing others. When Cole asked about Supreme Court, Cobb decided not to answer directly about it. In the heat of the talk, they got stopped for name-calling, and then the debate concluded with a question on Trump paying $750, to which Stefanik did not look happy. She states that she and Trump have returned taxes but not Cobb. Cole, when asked about it, Cobb said that she does have taxes on her website and the entire debate comes to an end here.

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