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The allegations about School Violence by GOT7’s Youngjae seems wrong, JYP Entertainment releases a Statement to clear the name of its Artist.

There are many people who stan Korean artists, of course, not only for their looks but also for their talents. But being famous needs a cost, every rising star goes through a lot. You might have heard about GOT7’s Youngjae, involved in school violence. JYP Entertainment will never allow its artist to be such kind of person. They recently issued a statement which clarifies stuff. Here I am going to tell you all about him and the allegations.

Life: Youngjae

South Korea’s Youngjae is a singer, songwriter, radio DJ and actor born on 17 September 1996. His name is Choi Young-Jae ( well in a Korean name the family name comes first) and his English name is Ars. The 24-year-old artist, professionally addressed as Youngjae is the lead vocalist of a South Korean band named GOT7. Youngjae attended Mokpo Technical High School for professional training in singing. There he participated in the Youth Music Fest and won the title of Vocal Excellence Award in 2011. In 2013 an entertainment company, JYP Entertainment auditioned in his school and selected him as a trainee.

In February 2015, Youngjae completed his graduation from Korean Arts High School of Seoul. As he graduated, Seokyeong University accepted him for theatrical study in the Department of Theatre and Film. The following year, due to some schedule conflicts, he transferred to the Department of Modelling of Daekyeung University. He signed up for organ donation in August 2020. He seems a kind soul and pretty hard working. ( It’s my personal opinion)

Career: Youngjae

Choi mentioned at the beginning of his career to be a music therapist. Just after one month of training, JYP added him in the company’s new boys band, Got7. He made his debut in the group after seven years of practice as the main vocalist. On 16 January 2014, his first single released under Got7’s first extended play “Got it?” named “Girls Girls Girls”. Since 2016, Choi started writing lyrics and songs under the name of Ars. His first creation got spotted in Got7’s extended play “Flight Log: Departure” as Rewind. From then on, he collaborated with other artists and made some perfect music. According to an announcement on 25 September 2020, he will star in a Netflix sitcom called So Not Worth It.

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Controversy: Youngjae

Stars are always cautious about their actions as they can easily create a negative influence on their followers. One of the old classmates of Choi accused him of school violence and bullying through an online post on 20 October. According to the post, the author was Youngjae’s classmate in Mokpo Technical High School. The latter got accused of hitting and taking money and valuables from the author. The author claimed that they suffered from hearing and intellectual impairment due to this.

Statement by JYP Entertainment: Youngjae

JYP will never abandon their artist in such a situation without revealing the whole truth and to do so they issued an official statement the very next day. In the report, the company stated that they had inquired it from their side. They asked Youngjae about it, and the artist told that he once got involved in a fight with his classmate. Youngjae and his classmate never reconciled after the incident and were involved in it physically. They still are on bad terms, and Choi clearly said that all the accusations are false. There are no assertions received by JYP from the author’s side even when they claim the contact via email. JYP further stated that to find the truth, they reached out for the author but got no response. Now the company is set to take necessary measures to prevent such false accusations.

Showbiz is scary; what do you think? I wonder what the use of such false accusations is. Anyways we expect that the truth comes out soon and the artist gets a clean chit. Tell me your views on the matter through comments. Meanwhile, read this article about a heart touching proposal by Bobby Bones. Stay tuned with us for more updates and new stories.