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Luis Angel Salazar passed away at the age of just 26, ruptured brain aneurysm is the reason know all about it.

One of the most tragic moment he ever had in the history of wrestling. A wrestlers losses his life in a wrestling ring in front of his fans. Yes, Louis Angel Salazar is no more with us. He dies at the age of just 26 years old. The wrestler was in the ring playing one of his matches when he trembles and falls in the canvas. The opponent was confused whether it was a real pain or a stage acting. The whole tragedy is the worst, annoying and is not appreciated by anyone. Initial reports declared death by a heart attack, but later on, the real cause came forward as a ruptured brain aneurysm. Let’s check every detail about it.

About: Luis Angel Salazar

Principe Aereo is a Mexican origin wrestler. Most pronounced by the name of Peincipe Aereo but have his real name as Louis Angel Salzar. The 26 years old wrestler has his birthday on 26 March 1994 but unfortunately also counted his last breath on 17 October 2020. 2020 has so much bad news now again has taken away a gem from us. The wrestler spends and has his birthplace as Distrito Federal, Mexican City, in Mexico. The wrestler has a high flyer of wrestling style and usually believes in solo wrestling. He has a decent wrestling career has died due to brain aneurysms.

Tragic death: Luis Angel Salazar

As already stated, Luis Angel Salzar died due to a ruptured brain aneurysm. Luis was playing a wrestling match. He was hit by his opponent in the chest twice plus a kick in his stomach during the game. After that, Luis cannot control himself and fall on the canvas. The third wrestler imagines it be a fake play-acting and attacks Salzar gain when he was down. He could be seen in great pain and needs a medical assessment. Luis was then rushed to a hospital but unluckily couldn’t survive from it and died due to a ruptured brain aneurysm.

Rumour of heart attack: Luis Angel Salazar

Just after the death of Luis Angel Salazar, many reports have claimed the reason for his death to be a heart attack. Things were not apparent now, as anyone made no official statements. The MasLucha.com made clear things and provided the medical report and valid reason for his death. Luis Angel Salazar died due to a ruptured brain aneurysm. It was a very tragic death. May his soul rest in peace.

Many paid tribute: Luis Angel Salazar

The death was untimed and natural. Peincipe was just 26 years old and had many more days to go. After his death, social media was flooded with sorrow message and tributes to the singer. Twitter witness, many of his paying him homage, one of them, wrote rest in peace the only ex -WWF superstar. Many legendary wrestlers from WWF paid their tribute to him. One of the best wrestler, one of the best man in the world, may his soul rest in peace.

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