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Kirstie Alley reacts to some horrible people criticizing her support for Trump in the upcoming elections, related news and updates.

The situation in the USA doesn’t need any explanation. We can see the tension centres in the country amidst the elections hitting in the upcoming month. Several campaigns are going on around the country to discourage Trump and spread awareness not to cast a vote to Donal Trump. We have seen what happened in the last two years, and we can easily acknowledge that no one will elect Trump voluntarily. We can’t predict any decision so to stay on the safer side; we need to gain some confirmation from the public that they aren’t electing Trump and repeating the same mistake. Amidst the protest, there are a few people who are supporting Donald Trump. Famous American actress Kristie Alley is one among them. Let’s read to know why is she supporting Trump.

About: Kristie Alley

Kirstie Louise Alley is a well-known actress majorly working in American films. Alley was born on 12th January 1951. Alley had huge dreams of becoming a successful actor, and today she remains as one of the most appreciated actresses of all times. Alley was the charm of ’80s. Alley initially featured in the 2nd edition of Star Trek. We all know the success of star trek, and it is one of the most favourite science fiction movies of many of us. Along with acting in the films, Alley worked on many sitcoms and gained colossal popularity both onscreen off-screen. Her major works include popular sitcoms and series. Alley joined a reality show as a judge and entered the television industry.  Alley got well received for her portrayal in a reality show recently in 2018. Alley has won many awards in her lifetime. It is proud to say that Alley has won the prestigious Golden Globe for her acting skills in different movies and has even won Emmy award. She is an inspiration to many actors.

Support for Trump: Kristie Alley

Kristie has been a spectacular actress of all times. Recently, Kristie has created a fuzz in the general public through her tweet. In her tweet, she has stated that she will support Donald Trump in the upcoming elections. The tweet exclusively revealed her intentions behind supporting Trump when almost the whole of America is against it. Alley tweeted saying that she has supported Trump in her past elections also and will continue her support. She believes that Trump will uplift the economy of the country and will help America grow further financially and educationally.

Kristie’s response to mean retweets:

Alley has seen her name getting defamed for her support to Donald Trump. Alley confidently stated her support to Trump through Twitter and ended up having her name as trending under Twitter. Many of her fans went furious and started vulgar about her. It looked like Alley lost all the respect she had as an actress. Alley responded to these hatred and nasty comments with a tweet that evening. Her reply didn’t stop the hateful comments rather enlarged them. Alley might have felt regret for posting her support publicly while there was a high range of guilt over Trump.

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