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Beyonce is all set to launch her the Second Ivy X Adidas product, check every details about the event.

It’s also started with an Instagram post where the star could be posting a picture featuring a beautiful wide variety of flowers with different colour mountains. “This is my park”, written of the image with caption DRIP 2 October 30. Coming straight to the point Beyonce is launching her second Ivy Park x Adidas collection. Beyonce also is known as Queen B is a great American singer and actor. With a huge fan following, she always looks for her designing products. Let’s check every small detail about the event in a quick shot.

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DRIP 2 October 30

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About: Beyonce

More pronounced with the name “Beyonce”, Beyonce has her real name as Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter. Beyonce is an American origin very famous singer and an exemplary actor. Apart from these two main things she has also been a record producer, dancer and businesses women. The 39 years old young girl has her birthday on 4 September 1981. Houston, Texas of USA is considered to be the benchmark for Beyonce birth. Beyonce craze for singing and acting has made her one of the most influential artists. From childhood, she was always attracted toward these two things. Recently she has been launching many products with Adidas.

Career: Beyonce

One could easily say that Beyonce is one of the successful artists in the world with her career graph increasing with the passing days. Queen B holds many records of her. Even the awards of her are just enough to speak about her. She has 23 grammy’s awards and started in eight films too. Till now, almost one hundred and sixty million records of her has been sold out. Not going to the nomination category because that could make a list very long. Beyonce got her first hit in 1999’s R&B girl group. With many ups and downs, she is in a remarkable position.

The second Ivy Park X: Beyonce

As already mentioned above that Beyonce an American celebrate is coming up with the launch of the second Ivy Park x Adidas collection. It was almost in January when the Ivy first collection was launched. So do the branding many celebrate were gifted with the Ivy gift packets. Now for the second Ivy Park x Adidas collection, Beyonce is the only owner of it. She said it’s like a dream coming true to her. She further said that everyone is working hard; her team is working hard with the Adidas to bring everything to the ground. She is super excited about this.

A tremendous social influencer: Beyonce

No doubt in this Beyonce is considered as one of the most fantastic youth influencers. She got millions and millions of fans of her. Things got realistic when brands some product and it’s sales increases surprisingly. Coming to Instagram account, Beyonce got a considerable number a total of 155 million followers and almost 1860 posts. Ger YouTube channel is not less; she got 21 million subscribers also with just 227 videos. This show that people follow her on different social media platform and is a significant influencer. 

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