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Sophie Guidolin a pratice trainer and 31 years fit mom now with a banana bread waffle recepie.

Sophie Guidolin is a 31 years old personal trainer. She is considered as one of the fit mom in the world. This time she is not in headline due to regarding her training or fitness but this time all headlines upon her due to her cooking recipe. Yes, Sophie has shared a video of making banana bread waffles. No, she has not opened a cooking channel or moving into the cooking field. She just a video of making banana bread waffles that have gone viral. Sophie said that it is one of the best and easy to cook lunch. Let’s check every detail about the event.

About: Sophie Guidolin

Sophie Guidolin is an Australian origin fitness model and a personal trainer. The 31 years old women celebrate their birthday on 16 March 1989. She was born in Adelaide, Australia. Being a fitness model, she has participated in many competitions such as INBA, WNBF and IFBB and bring glories for her. It’s not she involved in only fitness area she is also working out routine creator plus an instructor. According to an estimate, she had a net worth of approx one million dollars. Sophie is a married woman; this happens to her life twice. With her first husband, she has two kids Ryder and Kal. Due to some personal reason, they divorced and against married to Nathan Wallace.

Cooking banana bread waffles: Sophie Guidolin

As already stated earlier, the fitness expects Sophie took Instagram to share a video and of making a brief banana bread waffles. Sophie also noted that this is one of the cheapest and very quickly to create. The fitness mother said that it only takes five minutes to cook. This is the best launch and Sophie is enjoying the banana bread along with her daughter. Sophie in the video could be seen making the banana bread and also explaining every step. She made the video beautifully and could be seen as professional

Ingredient required for banana bread waffle: Sophie Guoidibe

Sophie explained each and everything about the recipe in the video very nicely. According to her, the ingredients required in this recipe are:

Of course, three banana will be required along with the banana equal of eggs is also needed. The recipe also involves a one-fourth cup of milk and almost three tablespoons of coconut oil and at last but not the toe least one full packet of banana what bread.

Recipe of banana bread waffle: Sophie Guoidlibe

The process will begin bowl, just smash three banana into the bowl and mix it up nicely.  After that, add three eggs, coconut oil and milk in the bowl. Again mix all stuff created nicely. Now comes the time of waybread. Add the way bread in the stuff just made in the bowl. Mix everything available present in the bowl. It would be preferable if you spray nonstick oil on the waffle maker. Put two to three tablespoon of the mixture a waffle maker and cook it for one to two minutes. Serve it with cacao powder and berries with some cream on it.

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