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Letter written by John Fogerty to President Donald Trump, raising objection on use of his song during campaign.

The current president of the United States, Donald Trump, is again on headlines. This time John Fogerty has objected to Donald Trump. As we know, the election is going to be conducted in America this year. The two major parties of America are already high on the election campaign, raising questions on each other and blaming each other for different causes. Donald Trump always on the controversy again, has given the opposition many golden chances. John Fogerty wrote a letter to Donald Trump raising the question of the use of his song Fortunate Sons in his campaign. Let’s cover every edge regarding this matter. 

About: John Fogerty

John Fogerty having it’s the full name as John Cameron Fogerty is an American origin fantastic songwriter, a famous singer plus a good musician. The 75 years old singer celebrates his birthday on 28 May 1945. John loves music and is also a great musician as already started; the multitalented singer can operate Piano, Harmonica, Dobro, Fiddle and especially Guitar beautifully. When talking about John Fogerty, one could never forget about his band. John is the founder of the band entitled Creedence Clearwater Revival also known as CCR. The band has given many hit shows and albums.

Career: John Fogerty

John Fogerty has made his career flight flew to the topmost height. John was always passionate about singing. Firstly during the Vietnam war, Fogerty received a notice about his military service as a clerk. It is interesting to note that Fogerty, after completing his military service, came back to music and started a band popular with name CCR that is Creedence Clearwater Revival. John was the lead guitarist, singer and musician. Proud Mary and Bayou Country are some famous albums of the band. It’s not like John was feeble with a solo performance. John Fogerty also had a successful solo career. He is one of the most rear singers who is being listed on Rolling Stone magazine. Down on the corner, Green River, Centrefield is some famous song by him. John Fogerty has reached the top of his career.


Letter to President, Trump: John Fogerty

As already stated above, John Fogerty recently wrote a letter to President Donald Trump. He showed his intense disappointment with the use of one of his song during his election campaign. All this matter comes into the play when a video of Donald Trump gone viral where John Fogerty song Fortunate Song was played in the background. Fogerty stated that this type of use of his song generates intense discrimination in wealthy children of America. With these things does not comes to an end, John Fogerty also releases a video explaining the correct meaning of the song, so that it could not be misleading. John also said he wrote this song when he was sad and disheartened. He chose Twitter to the public his letter and make his stance clear. At the same time, there is no response from the administration.

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