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Former model Loni Willison found staying on the streets and having food from trash cans after loosing everything.

Baywatch is the American drama series revolving around the storyline of the Lifeguards. The series has always been in the top list having several prominent personalities in it including Jeremy Dunn Jackson. Jackson is an American actor and singer who was part of the fantastic show and is renowned for his role as Hobie Buchannon. The actor has maintained to be on the headlines sometimes because of good work and sometimes because of controversies. He was the part of the show from 1991 to 1999. No doubts it earned him a lot of fame. He was married to Loni Willison who was also a very well known personality and was ruling the modelling world. As the couple split up, she went missing for many years and is spotted now.

Personal life: Willison left homeless on the streets

The American singer started his career initially as an actor but also received much fame in the music industry. He was introduced to the music field by the fellow co-star David Hasselhoff and later went on to sign with Edel Records. The actor later started dating the famous model of the period Loni Willison and eventually the couple married in 2012. The marriage life long lasted for two years after which they split up. Loni Willison got spotted several magazines and at the cover page of many at that time but after they split up she went disappearing and was not in contact with anyone including her ex-husband.

Drug-addiction: Willison left homeless on the streets

Both famous personalities have ups and downs in their personal as well as professional life. After leaving Baywatch, Jeremy got addicted to drugs and alcohol and had to face several issues with it. Similarly, the former beauty after divorce has been taking crystal meth and consuming much alcohol which went out of the limit. There was a point when her friends decided to make her join a rehab centre, and she decided to run away.

Since then, the model was missing. When Jeremy got asked about his ex-wife, he clearly stated that they were not in contact and neither her friends. However, Jeremy overcame with his drug addiction and is living a peaceful life now. Still, the model had to leave everything, including her house and fame as she was also suffering from a mental health problem. Thus, she lost her job as an assistant in a cosmetic surgery centre and came to live on the streets.

Loni’s opinion: Willison left homeless on the streets 

A beauty who once ruled every man’s heart got found searching for food and necessities at the trash can and dumpsters. When asked about her condition, she said she needs no help and denies from taking help from anyone. The former model says that she is indeed happy with what she says. Although with no source of decent income, the 37-year –old states that she gets food from the trash cans near the posh villas in LA Venice. She does not need a phone. The former model states that she manages to live on her own. She does not take a bath to keep her dirty to avoid any assault. The condition of the former model break’s every fan’s heart for sure. However, she decides to stay on the streets and live like the way she lives now forever.

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