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Debbie Reynold’s Halloweentown, the favourite movie to most of us carries many interesting facts, read to know more.

The taste of the audience is unpredictable. Amidst having too many genres, there are personal favourites to all of us: a few like animated movies, a few like a family backdrop movies. But we always have one friend or a relative who loves watching low budget movies. Yes, it’s true. Many of them believe that the short budget movies have great scope towards the story. Nevertheless, there are a vast number of people who go behind high budget movies—notably, jaw-dropping movies like Avengers. It is yet the most-watched movies: Halloweentown, the 90’s sensation is still in our hearts. We all enjoyed watching it. We all know that it was a low-budget movie which came out in the backdrop of Halloween. There are many hidden facts about this sensational sweet movie.


Halloweentown is the first movie Disney has ever created. The film gained immense popularity for its simplicity and depth in the story. The movie came out in 1998, and it’s fame led to the series, Halloweentown. The film portrays a beautiful relationship between the child and her mother and her grandmother. The film set high standards for showing beautiful relationships between people and describing humanity at it’s best. The children learn the meaning of Halloween from their grandparents and understand why do we celebrate Halloween. Many children used to get scared to watch the film. The grandma tells a story of the Halloweentown, a town filled with evil spirits and witches. They eventually get afraid and for their surprise, find their grandma in the Halloweentown. The following is the story of the film. Debbie Reynolds portrayed Grandma, and other casts were Robin Thomas, Phillip Van Dyke, Kimberley J.Brown, Judith Hoag and others. The movies still have the highest ratings amongst Disney Channel movies.

Facts about Halloweentown part 1:

We all remember Halloweentown as one of the scariest movies of our childhood. It was an exciting ride of emotions watching the movie. We all were fascinated to see a skeleton, Benny driving a car and used to think how could a pale skeleton drive a vehicle. Well, after growing up, we may believe that the structure was just a mere piece of plastic used for filming, but it was a robot instead. See, we used a robot for shooting in the ’90s only. The commonplace we often used to see was the grandma’s room. But, it was a bed and breakfast which we all can reserve to go for a day and stay. It is called the Nob Hilled Riverview.

Facts about Halloween part 2:

We all remember the fascinating book titled Halloweentown from which Aggie reads the story to her grandchildren. In reality, the book got exclusively made for the sake of the movie. The makers thought making a book for real would bring the essence of truth in the book. An extraordinary cartoonist received an invitation to draw Brown’s doodles on the text and made a few copies of it.  But the makers didn’t sell any copy and kept it private from the public.

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