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The legendary actor Angela Lansbury, career, awards, birth country and everything you need to know.

16 October mark this day as on this day one of the finest actors of the world was born. Yes, I am talking about Angela Lansbury. The legendary actor born on 16 October 1925 and has grown to 95. Angela is an American -British-Irish origin actor and has been featured on many films television, theatre and other. Angela not only witnesses the golden age of Hollywood but helped in shaping it. There is no need to say she holds numerous awards and is a gem for the whole Hollywood and the world.

From Canada, England, America: Angela Lansbury

London is considered to be the birthplace for Angela Lansbury. As already stated, Angela was born on 16 October 1925 in London, England. She spends her teenage life in London after that world war two begins. It was at this moment when Angela was shifted to Canada. It is said she spent a very long period of her life in Canada. Later on, she moved to New York, America. And now she has also been granted the citizenship of the United States. So we can say Angela Lansbury has a part of British, Canada and America in her.

Incredible Hollywood journey: Angela Lansbury

From childhood, she has an edge towards acting. Angela always appreciated those days of Hollywood, for Angela Gaslight film was a turning point for her career, which gave her most significant break threw. There was an interesting story behind it when she was offered this film she was working on a departmental store of Los Angela when she told about her role the owner to stop her matches her salary to the same. But Angela work through all the obstacles, later on, she was nominated for best supporting actress for Oscar. Angela is a legendary actor and golden stone for Hollywood. 

Awards and nominations: Angela Lansbury

There is a long list of awards received by Angela Lansbury. While it is not possible to mention all of them, here are some essential awards. Angela Lansbury has a count of a total of five Tony awards and has been nominated for seven times in it. She has a six Golden Globe award. In 2015 she won Lawrence Oliver award for best actress in the supporting role for her performance in Blithe Spirit. 2003 Lifetime Achievement in television and film award is also in the name of Angela Lansbury. These are some famous awards by her, as already stated the count of her total award and nomination is possible to mention.

Remembering Old days: Angela Lansbury

In an interview remembering old days of Hollywood, Angela Lansbury said that she appreciated and missed those days of Hollywood. Angela stated that she hates the contract bases work when she has to work for a particular firm for a fixed period.  She said that in those days when you are on a contract you have to work in films you didn’t even like. She explained to her helplessness because you couldn’t do anything, but you are under the bond of contract. Angela is known for her acting skills and is the owner of numerous award shows.

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