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Jump Festa 2021 will involve the Dragon Ball Super comic series, Get more Details about the Fest here.

Every year Shueisha sponsors an exposition for the upcoming and former games, films, manga and anime merchandise known as Jump Fest. The fest inaugurated about 20 years ago in 1999, and since then it is held every year in December in Chiba, Tokyo, Japan. Being the publisher of Weekly Shōnen Jump, Shōnen Jump plus, V Jump, Saikyō Jump and Jump Square, Shueisha has the best of artists and creators of manga series and who show up in the fest. This year we will see Toyotaro, creator of Dragon Ball franchise. So, just sit back while I give you some of the details about this year’s Jump Festa and Dragon Ball Super.

Location and Timing of Jump Festa 2021:

You know, I sometimes wonder that this pandemic is occasionally helpful and before you start judging my mental condition, let me make myself more clear. Manga lovers are aware that Jump Festa always occurs in Japan (physically), and about one million people took part in it. But this year Jump Festa is going to be an online event, thanks to this pandemic. Jump Festa announced this news on 19 September 2020 through the official Twitter account and website. Mark the dates, 19 and 20 December 2021 on your calendars as anyone around the world can attend the convention from their homes.

Dragon Ball Super Teaser for Jump Festa 2021:

Some visuals released by Shueisha reveal the highlights of the Jump Festa 2021. One such teaser is by the artist of Dragon Ball Super, Toyotaro through his Twitter handle. The creator went live and told that he was a bit involved in the fest but made sure to keep the things under wraps. We feel that fans are going to get a big surprise from the Dragon Ball franchise as a visual of upcoming Jump Festa features Goku and Future Trunk from Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Heroes respectively.

Some details of Jump Festa 2021:

Those who don’t know about what the fest is all about, they need not worry, I have got you covered. Mostly the Shueisha anthologies take part in the annual event, but some other organisations sometimes saw there. With the announcement of the new movie, many series, anime and games the event also features gameplay footages and trailers.  Capcom, Bandai Namco Entertainment and Square Enix are a few game designing companies who attend the Jump Fest. Akira Toriyama designed a mascot for the event entitled Kaizu- Kun. The teaser of Dragon Ball seems connected to the Galactic Prisoner Arc. There are no more details about what the event has for us this year. We can just hope that we get to take a look at our favourite mangas, animes and games.

I hope you found the above article helpful and informative. Let me know what you expect from Jump Feat 2021 and the teasers till now through comments. And you guys can enjoy yourselves as we will update you as soon as there is further news so stay tuned! If you are a superhero fan, then I have something for you, click on the link to know about Robert Pattinson’s Batman.